Baker, Jeff

Jeff Baker is the founder, CEO and president of Canine Caviar, makers of dry and canned dog food, as well as treats and supplements. He has a background in animal science, nutrition and pharmacology. While working as a stem cell researcher for a pharmaceutical company in Germany, he was researching and analyzing the effects of a flea control product and noticed the chemical reactions between food and the venom in the insect bites in his own Great Dane. That lead him to more extensive research in animal nutrition, how wolves or wild dogs would eat and how pH affects our pets. After the pharmaceutical company sold, he started his own pet food company to help other pets. Continuing to be true to the roots of Canine Caviar since 1996, the alkaline diets have made a difference in millions of animals’ lives. Canine Caviar is a science-based manufacturer and one of the few remaining family-owned and operated companies in the industry.

Class: The Benefits of Alkalinity

This class will discuss the benefits of alkalinity and how it benefits the dog’s body, slows the aging process and extends the career of working dogs. Each handler who attends class will receive a Ph kit that they can use to evaluate their dog. We will also be discussing Kcals and how to keep a dog fully fueled for a work day and giving personal recommendations for those present.