Bellon, Bart & Michael

Bart and Michael Bellon have been travelling the world giving seminars for many years. During those years, they saw that animal welfare laws were being more strictly implemented internationally. Bart and Michael were and are convinced that dog training must be politically palatable. NePoPo® is a reflection of this conviction. In addition to teaching seminars, Bart and Michael designed, patented and produced their own electronic collar brand, the Chameleon®. This brand was designed with animal welfare in mind, striving to be the most animal friendly and inconspicuous collar on the market with the highest degree of functionality. In 2015, Michael and Bart started the NePoPo® Dog Training school and soon stopped giving seminars. Today, there are more than 300 NePoPo® Gold School Graduates around the world. On the 4th of April, 2018 Bart and Michael had the opportunity to purchase the Martin System® company, a worldwide leader in innovation in electronic collars for dogs, that was founded by their friend, Charles Martin. With the purchase of Martin System®, the Martin System® and Chameleon® brands were merged. Products from the Martin System® line were honed to match with the modern, animal friendly philosophy of the NePoPo® School. Michael and Bart do have a unique profile in the dog world that they will share open and frankly at the Police K-9 Magazine conference.

Class: Training using the NePoPo® system

Bart and Michael founded the training system NePoPo®, where the dog will always perform on cue with heart and soul. With animal welfare laws becoming more and more stringent, it is important to train in methods that are politically palatable. All dog handlers need to be cognizant of how training and training tools will be scrutinized by an increasingly assertive anti-training (especially bite work) and anti-electronic collar public. How can we continue to train what we want to and what we must? Bart and Michael will talk about how both the NePoPo® system and Martin System products fit in an animal friendly philosophy.