Bismarck Police Department uses calendar to raise funds for K9 trainings

The Bismarck Police Department is raising money for their K-9 units with a Calendar. The fundraiser features the furry officers and give the public insight into managing the pack.

A training session this week features K9′s Bala with Sgt. Dan Salander, Mesa with Officer Joseph Benke, Echo with Officer Christopher Zabel and Titan with Sgt. Garner Jones from the Bismarck Police Department and Mace with Officer Matt Pappenfus from the Minot Police Department.

These dogs aren’t all bark, they perform essential tasks for the force.

“Lot of the drugs and the bad people we get to take off the streets, it’s because of them,” said Officer Joseph Benke, K-9 handler for the Bismarck Police Department. Read More