Smith, Brad

Brad Smith retired from the West Covina Police Department in southern California after 30 years of service. Brad was a handler and trainer for West Covina for 25 years and a SWAT dog handler for 18 years. Since 1999 Brad has been National K-9 Chairman for N.T.O.A. and a K-9 Subject Matter Expert for the California Association of Tactical Officers. Brad specializes in field tactics and officer safety.

Brad is a graduate of the California P.O.S.T. Master Instructor Development Program (Class 5). In 1997, Brad designed and implemented a K-9 SWAT & K-9 Patrol Tactical School called S.K.I.D.D.S. and CATS. Brad is also owner of Canine Tactical Operations and Consulting

Brad is the author of the book, K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT. Brad is also the Co-author of K9’s in the Courtroom where he teaches about K9 Patrol and SWAT deployment / bite liability. Brad has published over 130 articles for a wide variety of publications on K-9 Swat Deployment and training.

Brad can be reached at or 626-523-4028.

Class: High Risk K-9 Patrol Operations and K-9 SWAT Deployment – S.K.I.D.D.S./CATS

For those that have a misconception as to how beneficial K-9s can be in a high-risk patrol operation or to a SWAT team this class is for you. We encourage all patrol officers, military, SWAT and supervisors to attend this class. You will learn how to utilize your dog to find the suspect quicker, yet safer, while maintaining your tactical advantage and officer safety.

We will discuss what to look for during your selection of a Tactical Patrol dog or SWAT dog as well as the handler. Learn how a properly trained patrol dog and the handler can be utilized during a in a high-risk patrol deployment or SWAT operation when it comes to tracking, barricaded suspects, approaches, entries, blind corners, room clearing, hallways, stairs, attics, crawl spaces, vehicle assaults, arrest techniques and even in a gas environment.