Class: Hidden Compartments, Criminal Patrol & Officer Safety

The focus of the criminal patrol class is to detect, interdict and disrupt the flow of illicit drugs, terrorists, human trafficking and illicit US currency associated with criminal activity on the nation’s highways. The uniformed officer is the first line of defense in protecting national security when criminals are most vulnerable: while in transit on America’s highways. Domestic Interdiction Group’s specifically designed class for criminal patrol provides officers with training on criminal interdiction and information on concealment methods that consist of false compartments within several types of vehicles. Recent and emerging concealment trends will also be covered.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Questioning and evaluating during a traffic stop
  • Modus operandi of drug trafficking organizations
  • False and hidden compartments
  • Cartel trends
  • Professional vehicle searches
  • Escort/decoy vehicles/officer safety issues
  • Racial profiling issues and concerns
  • Bulk currency concealment and transportation methods
  • Concealment methods that consist of fabricated, hydraulic and electronic compartments

A retiree from the Terre Haute Police Department, Dan was assigned to the Organized Crime & Narcotics Unit working undercover and specializing in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. He was the first K-9 Dual Purpose handler/trainer for Terre Haute PD, working 2 DPN and 1 SPE dog while on the street. Dan is a state certified instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as well as a certified K-9 instructor/trainer through Vohne Liche Kennels. He has instructed seminars and classes in several states as well as many classes with foreign students at VLK. Dan has certified dogs with AWD, NNDDA, the State of Indiana and the State of Oklahoma. On top of all of this, Dan has judged K-9 competitions throughout the US and has even traveled to Afghanistan to train Afghan handlers on VLK bomb dogs destined to protect their President Karzai. He has been an instructor for Vohne Liche Kennels since 1996 and began his full time career in 2005.


Class: K-9 Use of Force

This class will focus on the use of force policies and best practices for patrol canines. K-9 use of force has become a hot topic these days. Law enforcement agencies now more than ever should institute strong policies and procedures for all aspects of their canine operations.

Bart and Michael Bellon have been travelling the world giving seminars for many years. During those years, they saw that animal welfare laws were being more strictly implemented internationally. Bart and Michael were and are convinced that dog training must be politically palatable. NePoPo® is a reflection of this conviction. In addition to teaching seminars, Bart and Michael designed, patented and produced their own electronic collar brand, the Chameleon®. This brand was designed with animal welfare in mind, striving to be the most animal friendly and inconspicuous collar on the market with the highest degree of functionality. In 2015, Michael and Bart started the NePoPo® Dog Training school and soon stopped giving seminars. Today, there are more than 300 NePoPo® Gold School Graduates around the world. On the 4th of April, 2018 Bart and Michael had the opportunity to purchase the Martin System® company, a worldwide leader in innovation in electronic collars for dogs, that was founded by their friend, Charles Martin. With the purchase of Martin System®, the Martin System® and Chameleon® brands were merged. Products from the Martin System® line were honed to match with the modern, animal friendly philosophy of the NePoPo® School. Michael and Bart do have a unique profile in the dog world that they will share open and frankly at the Police K-9 Magazine conference.

Class: Training using the NePoPo® system

Bart and Michael founded the training system NePoPo®, where the dog will always perform on cue with heart and soul. With animal welfare laws becoming more and more stringent, it is important to train in methods that are politically palatable. All dog handlers need to be cognizant of how training and training tools will be scrutinized by an increasingly assertive anti-training (especially bite work) and anti-electronic collar public. How can we continue to train what we want to and what we must? Bart and Michael will talk about how both the NePoPo® system and Martin System products fit in an animal friendly philosophy.

Dr. (Col) Richard Vargus initially retired in 1995 after 24 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps and Army. Following retirement, he began an extended career in law enforcement, assuming positions in federal and local law enforcement, most notably as an FAA Special Agent Canine Coordinator for the FAA Easter Region, serving on the FBI New York Joint Terrorist Task Force immediately after 911 as well as the Operations Officer of the newly established New York Federal Air Marshal’s Office. In 2003 he transitioned to become a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

In Jan 2005 Dr. (Col) Vargus was recalled to Active Duty deploying to Iraq in Jan 2005 Commanding the Iraqi National Police Academy in An Numaniyah Iraq train over 7000 Iraqi National Police Officers. From 2006 to 2012 he retained on active duty where he assume the duties as Chief of Law Enforcement Operation Directorate Joint Security Office, US Central Command. Dr. Vargus had oversight of 35,000 Military Police, and Security forces, theater customs operations, protective services in the 26 country CENTCOM area of responsibility. Most notably establishing the canine program that directed deployments and utilization of over 1200 military, contract and coalition explosive and narcotics canine teams.

Dr. Vargus returned to retired status in October 2012 and entered federal civilian service as the Department of the Army Military Working Dog Program manager. In 2018 he was selected as the Department of Defense Canine Program Manager, in both positions developing global canine policy, establishing the global strategy to provide canine interoperability supporting overseas contingencies, US Secret Service National Security Special Events and POTUS, VPOTUS, SECSTATE travel. Dr. Vargus retired from federal service this past April 1st.

Dr. Vargus is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff, Air War College, Senior Leaser National Security Management Course and holds a Doctorate in Public Administration and Masters in National Security Studies. He and his wife, retired Lieutenant Colonel Norma Vargus, a veteran of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Vargus and his wife hail from New York City and currently reside in Alexandria Virginia.

Class: Defunding Police Canines: A Proposed Strategy

This course will describe the current climate and public perception of police dogs. We’ll be reviewing current canine use of force statistics and how a joint effort between the community, police and municipality can dispel myths and become better educated on the importance of dogs as police tools.

Class: Chem-Bio Exposure Decontamination of Working Dogs: Mitigating the Threat

This course will provide an overview of the threat of chem-bio exposure to our dogs, discussing the failure of the government to prepare for it, how to identify decontamination protocols and the need to develop canine PPE. What’s the way ahead?

David Dorn is a Medical Retired Sergeant for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. Prior to his medical (shoulder replacement) retirement David worked in Law Enforcement for two separate agencies totaling over 18 years. Over 20 years of experience in canine handling, training and certifying/evaluating detection dog teams and patrol dog teams. David Dorn currently owns and operates as CEO and Head Trainer for his company K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting LLC. David currently provides training, consulting and expert consulting for several Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, including but not limited to Federal Protective Services, United States Park Police, several Universities, such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis located in California, San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, including high risk private professional vendors. David is the Primary Vendor Company for California Department of Corrections Adult and Juvenile K9’s and CalFire. David’s company is a Certified California Small Business. David’s business holds a California Seller Permit. David business holds a Federal Business Level DUNS and Sam-Cage Code Vendor number as well.

For most of David’s canine handling career, he handled two (2) canines on a daily basis. David implemented the Canine Unit at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department in 1998. David has assisted several other LE Agencies in the implementation of their Canine Programs, managing, and maintaining their agencies K9 Units.

David is an accomplished author and has created an Online Education K9 platform K-9FTO (K-9 Field Training Officer), which is an Education Registered Mark and Copyrighted. This educational curriculum is for the education of Handler Instructors and K9 Supervisors to assist and bridge the gap of initial training to the actual deployment in the field (real world), which in turn helps canine teams be ready for certification and evaluation in the operation field not just in the training room.

He has also been published in K-9Cop Magazine, Police K-9 Magazine with featured articles in scent detection dog training and deployment, “Normalization of the Explosive Detection Dog Handler”, k-9 unit supervision, as well as problem solving the k-9 program.

David has thousands of hours in basic, and advanced Peace Officer Training and holds an Intermediate California Peace Officer Standards and Training Certificate (POST).

David has thousands of hours in basic and advanced Police Service Dog, Narcotic and Explosive Detection Dog Handler Training. David has participated in over 4,000 individual canine searches in the field. In addition, he has been present and observed hundreds of NDD and EDD deployments by other canine teams from all over the nation. David holds a certificate as a California POST Certified Canine Team Evaluator since 2002. David sat on the committee for the Western States Police Canine Association in the implementation of K9 Teams Certification and has been a Certifying Official as well as a Trail/Competition Judge for Detection K9 Teams since 2008. Over the past 16 years, David has certified and evaluated over 100 K9 Teams.

David also held a chair position and assisted in the implementation of the International Explosives Detection Dog Association. He is also a current, since 2001, member of the California Narcotics Canine Association. David Dorn is one of only 38 approved Cargo- Team 3rd party Evaluators for TSA. K-9STAC LLC is one of only 7 relevant Certification Companies selected and approved to conduct such TSA Cargo K-9 Team Evaluations.

David not only speaks as a subject matter expert on scent detection, training, deployment, and supervision at several major canine conferences a year since 2008, he also continues his education as a student at those conferences as well.

David maintains a professional relationship with all of his past and current trainee handler and trainers, including other vendors and certification officials in his industry. In turn keeping everything on a professional training is training and certification testing is testing relationship to avoid any conflicts for businesses and court issues that could arise otherwise. All of his large scale or multiple agency trainings including with TSA Personnel has all been voluntary (no monetary exchange or promises).

Our (Main) Evaluator (David Dorn), already posses the training, experience in training, operational director, certifying and evaluating K9 Teams and we believe he meets the background to perform the functions as Consultant and Director of All K9 Operations for the Patriot Group. Our company, including David will continue to certify WSPCA & POST K9 Teams and strive to be the most competent and knowledgeable professional in his field.

David not only speaks as a subject matter expert on scent detection, training, deployment, and supervision at several major canine conferences a year since 2008, he speaks at least 4 a year since. David also continues his education as a student at those conferences as well.

As of now I am the Owner and CEO for K-9STAC LLC, however, I have my assistant Angela Spears, whom assistance with the Scheduling or Security Coordinator positions of this program and I will ensure that that person(s) meet and exceed all training, continued training and experiences to ensure we have and continue to have the best people in the industry.

Website: K-9 STAC

Class: The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor

Students/attendees will leave the class with an understanding of today’s K-9 Unit Supervisor role. Whether they are a current K-9 Unit Supervisor or charged with forming a new K-9 Unit the student/attendee will be provided with valuable insight into the role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor and the liabilities that fall upon the supervisor on every k-9 related issue.

Erica Chadwick is a 280-hr certified yoga instructor out of Phoenix, AZ. Since 2017, she has studied Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Movement Biomechanics, Physiology and Anatomy. Having worked alongside law enforcement since 2013 as an industry manufacturer, Erica has gained the trust of police officers nationwide using her knowledge of trauma and stress coupled with her straightforward approach and ability to understand law enforcement culture.

Class: TacMobility – Controlling the Mind and the Machine

Controlling the Mind + the Machine is a proactive de-escalation training program that couples the understanding that emotional and physiological affects of trauma inform each individual’s decision making abilities-whether an officer or individual. This information equips officers to recognize what personal liability they themselves bring to an incident therefore allowing for a non-emotion lead decision.

TacMobility introduces the body and mind connection to police officers across the USA using methods that are meant to help alleviate muscular tension, prevent injuries, increase sleep and lower stress responses in the body.

*Note – Live stretching demonstrations performed with attendees*

Shanon Kimball has been handling trailing bloodhounds in SAR for 11 years. She has been deployed by local law enforcement and the FBI within the state of Alaska. She is the Founder/Trainer/Director of North Paw K9 Search and Recovery, a team of K-9 handlers who specialize in urban trailing, human remains detection and gunshot residue K-9s.

Shanon has been involved with search and rescue in Alaska in 2008. First, with the Anchorage Police Department (APD) Search Team and then five years with the Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs. Shanon is currently on the rotation of Incident Command for the Anchorage Search Team and has also been the Director of the Anchorage Search Team for the past 10 years.

Shanon is an instructor for National Association for Search And Rescue (NASAR) and Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association/Forensic Canine Consultants (LEBA/FCC). She has taught seminars and certified dogs as far away as Germany for the German Bloodhound Mantrailing Association.

Class: Urban Search Management and Scent Theory to Aid Trailing K-9 Deployment

This class will focus on understanding the complex dynamics of the urban search and deploying trailing dogs, touching on what is scent and how to utilize scent patterns and scent understanding when deploying in an urban environment.

Shadi J. Ireifej DVM DACVS graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (2001, Magna cum laude). He then attended Cornell University where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (2006, DVM).

After completing his studies at Cornell, Dr. Ireifej participated in an intense one-year small animal medicine and surgery rotating internship at Angel Animal Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts (2007), followed by two rigorous one-year small animal surgical internships at Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS) in Plainview, New York (2009).

Dr. Ireifej achieved his board certification in small animal surgery by completing a three-year small animal surgery residency at LIVS (2012), and subsequently became a Diplomat for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (DACVS). After operating for almost 10 years at LIVS, Dr. Ireifej elected for warmer weather, and transplanted to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016.

In Las Vegas, Dr. Ireifej became a staff surgeon at Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center (LVVSC). In 2017, he began flying across the United States, performing surgeries at a number of emergency and specialty hospitals in need of surgical assistance. This was followed by a Chief of Surgery position at United Veterinary Specialty and Emergency in Silicon Valley, California. Managing their three locations, Dr. Ireifej and his team successfully cared for dogs and cats in the Campbell, Mountain View, and San Jose areas.

In 2018, Dr. Ireifej joined TrueCare for Pets in the Los Angeles, California area as Chief of Specialty, where he was instrumental in morphing the after-hours and weekend emergency hospital to a successful 24-7 emergency and multi-specialty veterinary hospital. While the size of the hospital tripled, Dr. Ireifej instituted hospital-wide protocols, managed the surgery, internal medicine, and oncology departments, and became a leading force on social media platforms.

In 2020, Dr. Ireifej changed gears in his already illustrious career, finding a novel and state-of-the-art means of reaching concerned pet owners and their ill pets worldwide, VetTriage. Dr. Ireifej currently serves as their Chief Medical Officer.

Shadi has been published in scientific and medical journals and enjoys lecturing to a variety of audiences. He is known for being a positive force and energetic force, both professionally and personally.

Class: Veterinary Telemedicine: Welcome to the future

This class will outline the current status of veterinary telemedicine, dive into the inherent problems associated with that and describe the various telemedicine outlets currently available to handlers and vet clinics. Additionally, we discuss how VetTriage is a leading force in this overarching goal with regard to spearheading the future of veterinary telemedicine.

Class: German Shepherd Dog Conditions

This class goes into a number of disease conditions that are prevalent in the German Shepherd Dog breed. The goal is exposure to these various conditions to individuals so handlers and officers can have a deeper understanding of these conditions as well as be able to identify potential medical emergencies.

Blake Broadhurst has been an Orlando police officer for 13 years, spending 11 of the years on specialty units. He has served as an assault member on the SWAT team as well as on presidential protection details. He’s a former tactical officer operating on multiple proactive crime suppression units as well as a former field trainer. Currently he is a K-9 handler and instructor for the K-9 unit. He has been involved in over 100 uses of force during his career ranging from foot pursuits to deadly force encounters. Blake has received four departmental awards, each for different take downs of armed suspects.

As a K-9 handler, Blake has been deployed on hundreds of real time calls with numerous apprehensions with over 100 catches with his current K-9 partner, Champion. As an instructor, Blake holds certifications as a K-9 Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Federal Active Shooter Instructor. As a trainer, he has developed numerous creative and high skilled training scenarios that have been adopted by his agency, including a K-9 defensive tactics course focusing on tactical K-9 team take downs of a suspect and choke defense techniques.

Class: K-9 Tactical Team Take Downs and Choke Defense

The K-9 Tactical Team Take Downs and Choke Defense Course is an advanced class for experienced K-9 teams that are interested in evolving their skills and real world performance. The course introduces a structured, effective and safer way of apprehending and performing a team take down of a resisting suspect. The techniques taught reduce the amount of force used by a handler, which in turn decreases the use of excessive force. The course will consist of three phases of instruction: introduction to a learning strategy, handler defensive tactics and operational K-9 team take downs. The three phases will be bridged together to form a blueprint of a training module that can be added to a K-9 unit’s training program.

Doug Wannemacher retired after 21 years as a full-time K-9 trainer for his local sheriff’s office in October of 2020. He now totals more than 20,000 training hours and has trained 150+ canine teams in various disciplines. Doug is an accredited master trainer for North American Police Work Dog Association in Utility and Narcotic Detection. He holds certifications from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and is the author and instructor of “Tactical K-9 Deployment In-Service Training” and “Basic K-9 First Aid.” He is the Training Coordinator for Astro Kennels, located in Greenville, SC.

Class Title: Building Search: Imprinting to Tactics

In this class, you’ll learn how to modularly train building search from beginning to end. Topics discussed will include imprinting the alert behavior of human odor as well as teaching a consistent, trained final response, all while incorporating tactics that will save lives.