A K9 with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is getting a few extra treats following a major drug bust on Wednesday.

Officials with the OBN say K9 Yeko intercepted 9 kilos of fentanyl that was being trafficked through Oklahoma.

The department says the fentanyl was enough to make over 90,000 counterfeit pills with a street value of $3.6 million.

In September, the Drug Enforcement Agency issued a Public Safety Alert about the increasing number of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine entering the country. The pills are sometimes deadly, and are being mass-produced by criminal drug networks.

DEA testing indicates a dramatic rise in the number of counterfeit pills containing at least two milligrams of fentanyl – which is considered a deadly dose and could fit on the tip of a pencil. Read More

The future of the K-9 unit at the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department is getting a boost thanks to a donation by Gun Lake Casino. Gun Lake Casino is donating $4,000 to cover the cost of K-9 training, according to a Facebook post from the casino Friday. The department currently has four dogs, but three of them are set to retire in the next few years. Health issues has left the K-9 unit down a four-legged officer as early as March. Two of the other three are scheduled to retire in the next three years. The donation will help the one remaining K-9, Thor, to participate in a five week training program. Read More

When a suspected criminal ran from police and tried to steal vehicles from people sitting at a red light, Remy and his handler leapt into action.

Remy, a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix, is a K-9 with the Port Arthur Police Department, where he is paired with Officer Ashton Moss.

“When I arrived with my dog, I gave (the suspect) a bunch of warnings to give up and he didn’t and I sent my dog,” Moss said from inside the department’s training room this week.

The suspect tried to jump on top of a car, Moss said, and Remy followed and pulled the man down.

PAPD has a long history of working with canine counterparts. Decades ago there was a team who handled bloodhounds. Currently the handlers have Belgian Malinois, one has a German Shepherd and Moss has the mixed dog. Read More

The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for all dogs, is excited to announce the winners of the first-ever AKC/USPCA K9 Detection Dog Challenge. The event, hosted by the AKC and the United States Police Canine Association, brought out the best of the nation’s narcotics and explosives detection dogs to demonstrate the important role dogs play in law enforcement and keeping our country safe. ESPN2 aired the event on November 28th.

“The AKC is proud to profile the great service that our K9 officers provide to our nation to help keep us safe,” said Chris Sweetwood, AKC Board Director. “As the Event Chairman for the Challenge, this was a labor of love for our four-footed first responders and their human partners. We are proud to recognize their professionalism. “ Read More

Las Vegas, NV – Concealing body armor just got easier. Safe Life Defense, a leading armor manufacturer made history on November 26th by releasing the world’s thinnest IIIA ballistic vest called Hyperline™. After years of research, development and testing, Safe Life Defense unveiled their brand-new, Berry Compliant creation, which will be engineered on American soil in an effort to protect the United States industrial market — an ongoing initiative the company takes very seriously as they seek to support the economy on the home front.

This hyper-performance, proprietary composite soft armor is so impressive that it has already taken the industry by storm. Hyperline™ reflects an unprecedented level of IIIA protection and superior comfort. Weighing in at just 0.9 PSF and measuring a mere 0.18″ thick, it boasts the ability to be unseen due to its expert craftsmanship. Constructed with Dyneema® Force Multiplier (the world’s strongest fiber), DuPont® Para-Aramid and a unique blend of resin and polymer technologies, Hyperline™ is pivotal in allowing those in the field to move faster with less fatigue and fewer life-threatening injuries.

Hyperline™ is yet another option in a series of cutting-edge technology and innovative product lines Safe Life Defense has spearheaded over the last 5 years. As the #1 brand relied upon by first responders, CEO Nick Groat wanted to continue to push the envelop to create a better solution for safeguarding precious human life. “Why stand out when you can blend in?” said Nick. “Not everyone wants their armor to be a beacon in the crowd, and next to protection…comfort is a must when you’re suited up 12+ hours a day to protect and serve your community! Hyperline™ is going to provide our heroes and law-abiding civilians with the best of both worlds, creating serious tactical advantage by offering the most discreet protection for those who need it. I’m talking about everyone from undercover law enforcement officers to members of volunteer church security teams.”

The Hyperline™ armor HL.HG2 is currently clearing NIJ Certification testing with NIJ Assigned TIMS Model ID #MC03499. All preliminary testing has been excellent and the product, now in a pre-sale phase is expected to ship in early 2022 with full 0101.06 NIJ Certification. Like Safe Life Defense’s other level IIIA body armor options, Hyperline™ will also offer bullet, strike and slash protection. 

In the closing statements of Nick’s interview, he stated, “The concept for Hyperline™ was a challenge that needed to be overcome for the entire industry. And as SLD continues to improve our life-saving products, I hope that it inspires other manufacturers to do the same. A company you can fully trust is one that never settles for less than the best, especially when mortality is involved. I anticipate that this nearly invisible material you can hide under a t-shirt and balance on your fingertip is going to be one of the most in-demand vests ever created.” The ultra-concealable armor we now know to be Hyperline™ is currently being touted as the best price it will ever be with a high demand that continues to grow as word spreads like wildfire. Only the future will tell how this body armor with phenomenal blunt-force mitigation, multi-hit capability and edge-shot protection will do in the consumer space. If one thing is for sure, it’s going to help save the lives of first responders everywhere.

Safe Life Defense is a manufacturer and supplier of safety and self-defense gear based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but they are more than just a brand. Their logo symbolizes safety for all, giving back and supporting those who risk their lives to keep people safe from harm. As the preferred choice for EMS, Police, Security, and civilians alike, Safe Life Defense promises to always hold themselves, their products, and their brand to the highest standards. For more information about the company and the products they provide, visit their website at www.SafeLifeDefense.com.


About the Author: Morgan Hallenbeck is a writer, marketer and all-around go-getter who’s passionate about working with a variety of entrepreneurs, as well as dynamic business initiatives. Based in Wisconsin, she enjoys teaching others about everything from self-defense, firearms and personal safety to health, sustainable living and overall wellness. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, her leisurely time is spent exploring nature with her loved ones and creating meaningful connections with all those with whom she crosses paths.

The American Kennel Club (AKC ® ), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for all dogs, is excited to announce that the first-ever AKC/USPCA K9 Detection Dog Challenge will be broadcast on ESPN2 on Sunday, November 28th at 10pm ET. The event, hosted by the AKC and the United States Police Canine Association, brings the best of the best in narcotics and explosives detection dogs from around the nation together to demonstrate the important role dogs play in law enforcement and keeping our country safe.

“We are thrilled to host this exciting event with the USPCA,” said AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo. “It’s amazing to see these dogs in action and show viewers their training and precision. We can’t wait to share it with the ESPN2 audience.” Read More

When Auburn Police Sergeant and K9 program Supervisor James Perry and his canine partner Ikia—an eight-year-old Labrador retriever and German wire-haired pointer crossbred trained in explosives detection—are working, Perry’s thoughts occasionally return to his 2003 Alabama National Guard deployment in Iraq. It was there that he saw firsthand the havoc that IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, could cause, along with how military dogs trained to detect them could help prevent tragedy and make soldiers and civilians safer. Read More

Three people are in custody after a drug bust in Sedalia.

On Thursday, the members of the Sedalia Police Department’s Crime Resolution Unit, Pettis County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence in the 24000 block of Post Oak Street.

Pettis County had their K9 unit at the scene. K9 Cav alerted deputies to the presence of drugs. Read More

COUNTRY Financial Representative Jeff Lauritzen is pleased to support local police officers as a 2021 recipient of a COUNTRY Financial Operation Helping Heroes donation. Lauritzen presented $1,500 to the Alton Police Department’s K9 Fund on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

“I am so thankful that Jeff Lauritzen and COUNTRY Financial continue to invest in our community,” Police Chief Marcos Pulido said. “They continue to be community partners and we value this relationship.” Read More

 The Brockton Police Department is doubling its K-9 unit and just welcomed two new dogs — Hawk and Kilo.

Hawk is handled by Officer Miguel Otero, and Kilo is handled by Sgt. Robert DiLiddo, who is the supervisor of the K-9 unit.

DiLiddo said the department is in the process of adding a sixth dog which will work as a comfort dog in Brockton Public Schools and also for victims and witnesses of violent crimes.

“This is unheard of in the city of Brockton,” he said. “I think that the most we’ve ever had at one time is three [dogs], and normally we cycle between one and two.”  Read More