There’s a new tool for the Toledo Police Department to help protect officers that can’t always protect themselves. It’s all thanks to a local woman and her non-profit organization.

The opioid epidemic has a firm grip on this community and many others around the country. While there are protections in place for first responders, that’s not always the case when it comes to the K9s that work by their side.

Like people, opioids can be deadly for dogs in a matter of minutes.

This new line of defense is giving the K9 handlers an extra layer of protection for their partners and friends. Officer Jonathan Eischen and Cigo have worked together for 4 years, “He’s my partner and my friend. Man’s best friend is certainly true in this case. We are together all the time.” Read More

A Bonner Springs police K9 is being credited with helping police apprehend a man accused of ramming a police vehicle.

The Edwardsville Police Department said a suspect rammed a police vehicle, nearly striking the officer in the area.

Edwardsville called the Bonner Springs Police Department to assist in the pursuit of the suspect.

Scout, a K9 for Bonner Springs police, took down the suspect. Read More

A Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said a K9 dog helped authorities find more than 70 pounds of marijuana hidden in a vehicle stopped on Interstate 40 near Kingman.

Sheriff’s deputies aided the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Sunday after a trooper made a traffic stop on the highway, the Sheriff’s Office said. The trooper became suspicious that the vehicle may have been ferrying drugs and called for assistance.

The Sheriff’s Office dispatched a K9 unit around 9 a.m., officials said.T he dog, named Chase, has been working with his handler since August 2017, the Sheriff’s Office website said. Read More

A potential tragedy was avoided on Friday thanks to the work of Troy officers and a trusty K9.

Lexi Somers is thankful to be back with her sister, Angel, after a day she’ll never forget.

“I was in my backyard, and there’s too many things going on at once; too much loudness,” Lexi said.

Lexi has autism, and around 1 p.m. on Friday, she felt the only way to relieve her stress was to run away.

“I just needed a break,” she said.

When Angel heard the news, she took off running.

“I take off these slippers I’m wearing right now, and I run,” Angel said. “I’m not worrying about glass, nails, nothing. I run down this hill. I’m yelling her name, ‘Alexondra. Alexondra.’ And then tears are running down my face, and I’m getting worried that I’m never going to see my sister again.”

Luckily, Troy Police K9 handler Kyle Jones, his K9 partner Blair, and handler Craig Faby were in the area and responded. Read More

Los Banos-area officers arrested a man riding in a car holding hidden methamphetamine on Monday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

An officer stopped a 2004 Infinity for speeding about 5:30 a.m. on Interstate 5 near Shields Avenue, according to CHP.

After the officer “observed several indicators” of drug trafficking, K-9 Beny was brought in for a smell test, CHP said. He alerted to the odor of narcotics.

The woman driving and the male passenger consented to a search of the car, CHP said, and officers found 2 pounds of heroin and 10 pounds of crystal methamphetamine inside a speaker box. Read More

SINGAPORE: Three Singapore Police Force (SPF) sniffer dogs have been deployed to Laos to help recover bodies in the aftermath of the massive dam collapse last month that swept entire villages and farmland away.

This is the first time that the police’s K9 dogs are being deployed for an overseas mission, the SPF and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in a joint release on Monday (Aug 13).

The three victim recovery dogs, along with a 32-member Home Team contingent – comprising 14 SPF officers and 18 SCDF officers – left Paya Lebar Air Base on a Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130 transport aircraft on Monday morning.

The SPF officers will assist with victim recovery efforts. The official death toll from the dam collapse is at 31, with 130 people still missing. Read more

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Opioid abuse is a growing epidemic across the country and for a while now, first responders have been stocking up on a nasal spray known as NARCAN. It’s not just humans in danger of overdosing. Often times the ones most at risk of encountering those dangerous drugs is man’s best friend.

Meet Dorack. He’s just one of the Sioux Falls Police Departments K-9 dogs trained to sniff out drugs.

“We regularly train our dogs using some of the opiates, heroin and drugs like that.” Officer Shannon Irish said.

The presence of those types of drugs and other opioids continue to rise.

“Some of these drugs like the fentanyl’s and the carfentanyl’s and the things are getting mixed in with street drugs like heroin. It’s very potent so potent that maybe people who are regular drug users, it’s too potent for them,” Irish said.

If they overdose NARCAN comes in. Watch Video

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A Central Ohio police department has a police K9 that can sniff danger.

The Perry Township Police Department has a K9 that can detect explosives. K9 Coyle and his handler Detective Charles Mills focus on early detection and prevention.

The ability to detect a bomb comes after a series of explosions in Austin and other parts of Texas left two people dead and injured others.

Detective Mills explained his K9 partner has a commitment to find what they’re looking for so he can get his reward which is a tennis ball. Read More

WAUKESHA — President Donald Trump’s push for tougher punishments for drug dealers has put this epidemic back in the spotlight.

State Patrol does not need any reminder of our dangerous drugged driving issues, not to be confused with drunk driving.

Troopers tell us the number of drugged driving arrests have spiked state-wide and K9 Units are helping them crackdown.

The Wisconsin State Patrol says the number of drugged driving arrests have spiked state-wide and K9 Units are helping them crackdown.

The Wisconsin State Patrol has seen an increase in drug-related arrests when comparing statistics from 2017 to 2016. In 2016, the State Patrol made 2,862 drug arrests. In 2017, that number increased to 3,439 drug arrests – a 17 percent increase. Read More

A German shepherd sniffed suitcases in an airport inspection drill, excitedly pausing near one bag from which a handler then pulled a satchel with plastic explosives.

The exercise at the compound of the Jordanian police canine unit, staged for visitors this week, is part of the U.S. State Department’s expanding Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program.

The program has allocated $300 million this year to train and equip domestic security forces in partner nations — so far 21 out of a pool of 56. The aim is to improve the safety of U.S. diplomats and citizens abroad and to support U.S. allies.

In Jordan, a key U.S. ally in a tumultuous region, this includes training more explosives-sniffing dogs for airport duty, focusing on the departure gates of U.S. bound flights, and setting up cyber security training for local law enforcement agencies.

In recent years, Jordan has upgraded its fight against militants and criminals, in large part with U.S. backing, setting up a national emergency call center, a network of street surveillance cameras and databases for DNA, ballistics and fingerprints. Read More