K9 Mata Apprehends 2 Burglars
K9 Mata Apprehends 2 Burglars

While on patrol in Mineola, Constable Smith observed a vehicle  at a residence, where he was doing a routine house watch, with property laying in the ditch that was being loaded from the residence into the vehicle.  He knew that no one was supposed to be home from a requested house watch. The Constable detained a female suspect from Lindale and contacted additional officers and deputies to assist with a perimeter in order to locate the other suspect burglarizing the residence that had fled.  Officers from Hawkins PD, Mineola PD, DPS and the Wood County Sheriff’s Office responded.

Constable Smith, K9 Mata and a Sheriff’s deputy started the track and apprehended a male suspect from Lindale hiding over 100 yards deep in the woods behind the residence. The suspects were booked into the Wood County jail for two second degree felony charges of burglary of a habitation.

WESTLAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Westlake police recently arrested three people for drug trafficking charges, and it’s thanks in part to K9 Cash.

The department credited Cash in a post on Facebook. They said the bust happened on September 11.

An officer had stopped a rental vehicle for a traffic violation as it was pulling into the Holiday Inn Express on Clemens Rd. The occupants inside reportedly told the officer a suspicious story about being in town from Idaho to “take pictures.” Read more

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Southern Arizona, assisted by K9 sniffer dogs, have arrested suspected drug smugglers at two immigration checkpoints along the border.

The two suspects, both U.S. citizens according to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) media release, were attempting to smuggle a large quantity of drugs across the border on the afternoon of Sept. 14. The dogs alerted their human counterparts to the presence of narcotics. Read More

WOOD COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) – Wood County’s new K9 officer apprehended his first suspect Friday night after the man allegedly assaulted another person and then fled into a wooded area.

According to a post on Constable Kelly Smith’s Facebook page, a man “brutally assaulted” another person and then fled into a nearby wooded area. At that point, Smith and Mata were asked to assist in the search.

“The felon attempted to flee again, but K9 Mata quickly apprehended him, and he was taken into custody,” Smith said in the Facebook post. “It was great, after K9 Mata and I caught our breath, seeing K9 Mata meet the law enforcement officers involved and how social he is with them.” Read More

There will be more search dogs helping Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputies to root out crime. The Department announced today, it has hired three new teams, bringing the total number of K9 units to six.

Three of the handlers are new to the unit including, Deputy Stephanie Lewis. Deputy Lewis is the first female K9 handler with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. Read More

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office had some extra treats for an important member of the department Thursday.

K9 Gunny’s sniffing expertise was put to the test Thursday on Interstate-65 northwest of Indianapolis. A sheriff’s deputy pulled a vehicle over for a traffic infraction and became suspicious. Read More

Alex Ross Photo Officer Ashley Wood of the Roswell Police Department stands with Auda, one of two dogs who make up the RPD’s K-9 program that was launched in late April.

With one wet nose and four legs each, two of the Roswell Police Department’s most recent recruits stand out from their colleagues on the force. Read More

Funds are being raised for a memorial for heroic members of the Scottish emergency service – our police dogs.

From finding missing people and criminals to sniffing out drugs, cash, firearms and explosives, the canines play a valuable role for the force.

Police dog handler PC Carrie-Ann McNab started a fundraiser to ensure the Scottish police dogs of the past, present and future receive a well-deserved tribute.  Read More

Twenty pounds of drugs were taken off Tulare County’s streets after a sheriff’s deputy made a traffic stop near Tulare.

On Thursday, Tulare County deputy Javier Montoya and his K9 partner, Tex, made a traffic stop while patrolling on Highway 99, just south of Cartmill Avenue in Tulare.

The deputy said he made the stop because of a “traffic violation.” With help from Tex, Montoya and his partner discovered 20 pounds of methamphetamine inside the vehicle. Read More

When healthcare workers at a COVID-19 testing site were having a rough day, Marley, a special member of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office (PA) lent a paw.

When Sheriff Fredda L. Maddox learned that personnel at the Chester County Public Safety Center were tired and experiencing stress, she suggested that a visit from comfort canine Marley might be just the remedy. So on May 27, 2020, comfort canine Marley and his handler/partner Sergeant Janis Pickell visited staff. The result was win-win. According to Sergeant Pickell, the staff experienced relief and Marley received plenty of love and hugs in return.

Marley is the Chester County Sheriff’s Office Courthouse Comfort Canine. He is handled by Sergeant Janice Pickell.