Chadwick, Erica

Erica Chadwick is a 280-hr certified yoga instructor out of Phoenix, AZ. Since 2017, she has studied Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Movement Biomechanics, Physiology and Anatomy. Having worked alongside law enforcement since 2013 as an industry manufacturer, Erica has gained the trust of police officers nationwide using her knowledge of trauma and stress coupled with her straightforward approach and ability to understand law enforcement culture.

Class: TacMobility – Controlling the Mind and the Machine

Controlling the Mind + the Machine is a proactive de-escalation training program that couples the understanding that emotional and physiological affects of trauma inform each individual’s decision making abilities-whether an officer or individual. This information equips officers to recognize what personal liability they themselves bring to an incident therefore allowing for a non-emotion lead decision.

TacMobility introduces the body and mind connection to police officers across the USA using methods that are meant to help alleviate muscular tension, prevent injuries, increase sleep and lower stress responses in the body.

*Note – Live stretching demonstrations performed with attendees*