Chester County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Team Finds Missing Boy

On May 29, 2019 at approximately 5:20 p.m. the Upper Uwchlan Police Department contacted the Chester County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) in regards to a missing 11 year old male. The juvenile was discovered missing at 8:00a.m. However it was believed the juvenile ran away from home the night before. The area around his home is surrounded by Marsh Creek State Park. The juvenile had been missing for approximately 19 hours.

A Search and Rescue Canine team responded earlier and could not locate the juvenile. After the Search and Rescue group failed to find the juvenile that is when the Chester County Sheriff’s Office was contacted.

Sheriff Carolyn B. Welsh immediately authorized the dispatch of two canine teams to Upper Uwchlan to help find the missing juvenile. Corporal Matthew Mendenhall and his canine partner Nero and Deputy William Rosenbaum and his canine Cairo responded.

The two CCSO deployed their canines from their vehicles and began to track where the juvenile was last seen. The teams picked up the juveniles scent and began to track him immediately. The juvenile began to attempt to elude the CCSO Canine teams by moving around in the woods. However, the CCSO Canine Teams continued to track him throughout the wooded area. The teams successfully tracked the juvenile to the wood line where he attempted to flee from the teams tracking him. The juvenile was successfully flushed out of the woods approximately 30 yards and in sight of the CCSO canine teams. Local Law Enforcement was able to apprehend the juvenile as he emerged from the wood line in front of the CCSO K9 teams. This track and location of the missing juvenile was resolved in approximately 1 hour.

If not for the efforts of these two Chester County Sheriff’s Office canine teams the missing juvenile may not have been found in an expedient manner. These two teams are to be commended for their services bringing this event to an end with swift and positive results.