Daristotle, Leighann

Dr. Leighann Daristotle, DVM PhD. has 25 years of experience in pet nutrition and is currently Central Region Director of Technical Services for the Blue Buffalo Company. She is the coauthor of Canine and Feline Nutrition, 3rd Ed, and has published numerous articles for veterinarians and dog enthusiasts. Her career in veterinary medicine has spanned working as an associate veterinarian as well as teaching anatomy and physiology to veterinary students. She is a former Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Journal of Veterinary Research. She shares her home with 2 Labrador crosses and 5 cats.

Class: Special Needs Nutrition – Feeding for A Healthy Gut & Body Condition

Diarrhea, vomiting, and other GI signs are some of the most common problems that veterinarians encounter in canine patients, including working dogs. This class will help participants understand how stress can affect the GI tract and how specialized nutrition can help return the gut (and stool) to a healthy condition. An equally important challenge is maintaining optimal body condition and weight. Considering the range of breeds, type of work, and activity level in this group of dogs, we will discuss how customizing diet choice and feeding practices can help promote a healthier K9 partner.