Decrisantis, Nicci

As an expert in companion animal nutrition and having a strong passion for educating others, Nicci lectures many local and national pet organizations including federal, state and municipal K9 teams, guide and therapy dog teams on proper preventative nutrition and supplementation. She is the pet nutrition resource that many pet owners and professionals turn to when they have exhausted all other options.

Nicci has traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe for the latest information in animal nutrition and wellness. Most recently she visited the University of Helsinki Finland for presentations by the DogRisk Group and world renowned researchers and thought leaders from 8 different countries. She also recently attended the Raw Feeding veterinary Society Meeting in Manchester UK with Dr. Nicholas Thompson.

Her undergraduate and graduate education includes biology, chemistry, business and nutrition. Additionally, she has worked for large and small pharmaceutical companies on projects that include cancer research, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and hepatitis. Since moving her focus from humans to small animals, she has traveled the world for learning experiences and professional certifications in pet nutrition, supplementation and complementary herbal and homeopathic therapies.

Nicci’s interests include metabolic disease and complementary diets for cancer treatment.

  • 2018 Pet Industry Woman of the Year – nominee
  • Raw Feeding Veterinary Society – member
  • Women in the Pet Industry Network – member
  • Holistic Actions! – member

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Class: K9 Nutrition: Extending the Career and Improving Quality of Life

Common health and behavioral problems many K9s have are considered “normal” or thought to have complicated or minimal solutions. In this session we’ll review reasons for common challenges and the decrease in life expectancy of dogs and what we can do as handlers to change the downward trend. Case studies presenting common challenges and solutions will provide insight on how to extend the career and quality of life of your K9.