Delong, Lanie

Lanie DeLong is the current Senior Instructor at K2 Solutions, Inc located in Southern Pines, NC. She joined K2 in 2018 as a PB-EDD handler, became a trainer and instructor in 2020 and now she oversees and instructs person-borne EDD, single purpose EDD, MPC and client and internal handler courses as the Senior Instructor. 

Lanie started her law enforcement career in Colorado in 2004 after getting her BS in microbiology and equine science. Having spent time in patrol, FTO, firearms, and K-9, Lanie became owner/operator of Blue Dog K9 and bred, trained and instructed handlers in many areas of detection and patrol/protection and was a member K-9 handler on USAR COTF-1.

Class: Person-Borne Explosives Detection Canines

K2 has developed the Person-Borne Explosive Detection Canine (PB-EDC) capability, through which canines are trained to recognize a scent trail signature on a mobile target. This capability unmasks the growing threat of hidden, yet mobile, explosives and puts detection in the hands of security units. It is a non-threatening effective way of searching locations such as mass-transit hubs, schools, universities, sporting events, and locations that would host a large crowd.