Domestic Interdiction Group

Class: Hidden Compartments, Criminal Patrol & Officer Safety

The focus of the criminal patrol class is to detect, interdict and disrupt the flow of illicit drugs, terrorists, human trafficking and illicit US currency associated with criminal activity on the nation’s highways. The uniformed officer is the first line of defense in protecting national security when criminals are most vulnerable: while in transit on America’s highways. Domestic Interdiction Group’s specifically designed class for criminal patrol provides officers with training on criminal interdiction and information on concealment methods that consist of false compartments within several types of vehicles. Recent and emerging concealment trends will also be covered.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Questioning and evaluating during a traffic stop
  • Modus operandi of drug trafficking organizations
  • False and hidden compartments
  • Cartel trends
  • Professional vehicle searches
  • Escort/decoy vehicles/officer safety issues
  • Racial profiling issues and concerns
  • Bulk currency concealment and transportation methods
  • Concealment methods that consist of fabricated, hydraulic and electronic compartments