Dourson, Dave

Dave Dourson - Kinetic Performance Dog Food

Dave Dourson, is the co-owner and co-founder of Kinetic Performance Dog Food (KPDF). Dave has 30+ years of experience in various blue-water business ventures that focused on filling a “need” that, many times, in the corporate world, are overlooked by CFO’s that focused on profit, over quality.

Dave and his partner, John Howard, met while working for a large, mid-west based, pet food company in 2009, witnessing firsthand the real factors that go into ingredient selection of most foods. With a desire to focus on animal health over profitability, the two left corporate America and started their own company in 2011. The pair spent countless hours working with various kennels across the United States on K9 nutrition with a goal of discovering the best ingredient formulation for working and sporting dogs.

Dave has conducted numerous seminars across the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Great Britain for various divisions of the DOD, Homeland Security, USSS, Military, DEA, DHS/TSA, Intercom, State as well as hundreds of State and Local PDs teaching the Handler how to quickly identify nutritional deficiencies in their K9 partner.

K-9 Nutrition: Is Your Dog on the Right Fuel and How Do You Know?

Does your dog itch continuously, lose hair, have a dull-stiff or brittle coat or show signs of coat dander or flaking? Do you feed him 5-6-7-8 cups of food or more a day to maintain his weight? Does your dog’s stool look like a cow patty, are they gassy? There is a reason for this and you don’t have to look much further than the bag of food…

This is a fast paced, interactive class that teaches the student; how to read a nutritional label, define what “that” ingredient is. How to tell a good dog food from a bargain brand and understand how minerals and vitamins get depleted in a K9 Officer and pictures of what happens when you don’t replace the nutrients. You don’t fuel a high-performance car or motorcycle with low octane gas and expect it to reach peak perform and it is the same with your K9 Athlete.

By the end of the class you will be armed with the ability to look at your canine and see the effects of poor diet and what changes you can do to correct them.