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Cargo Screening Detection Dog Handler Course

July 25 - September 16

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8 weeks non experienced handler course
4 weeks experienced handlers


The Cargo Screening Detection Dog Handler Course prepares graduating K9 Teams for TSA’s CCSF-K9 certification testing. Opportunities available for certified canine handler teams may include private security industry, Law Enforcement, contract security work with companies engaged with the Department of State and other US entities. Successful completion of the CCSF-K9 certification with GK9S provides graduates top placement priority in job openings with Global K9 Protection Group both domestically and internationally.

Course Objectives

ACADEMICS: Orientation, canine safety, canine health care and grooming, canine kenneling and transportation, Principles of Conditioning, explosives and narcotics safety, storage and transportation. This segment of the course is designed to teach students safety practices in and around the kennels and safe handling and transportation of explosives and narcotics. Students are introduced to Operant conditioning (reward schedules) and Classical conditioning (pairing of unconditioned and conditioned stimuli) escape training, the canine sensory spectrum and titration levels.

BASIC OBEDIENCE: Application of Principles of Conditioning (reward schedules, fixed and variable ratios and intervals) for the commands of “sit, stay, down, heel and come” walking in heel position and obstacle agility course. Utilizing Operant Conditioning methods, students are taught to condition the dogs to respond to basic verbal and hand commands and navigate the obstacle course using positive reinforcement methods.

DETECTOR DOG SEARCH PROCEDURES: The primary purpose of this course of instruction is to train and condition the Explosive Detector Dog team to conduct inspections for Improvised Explosive Devices that may be secluded in cargo that is destined to be shipped via commercial air carriers. The emphasis of the training will be conducting inspections of palletized cargo in a large commercial warehouse environment Students will be taught canine odor recognition protocols (4-hole variable, odor wall), practical application of detector dog handling search pattern and search procedures in buildings, vehicles, warehouses, stadiums offices, open areas parcels, luggage and bomb threat response protocols. Using operant conditioning methods, students are taught to condition a “green” dog to detect and passively respond to target odors in a multitude of environments.

DETECTOR DOG CERTIFICATION: Final certification of detector dog team in real world environments using United Police Working Dog Association (UPWDA) certification standards. Students will certify with their dog by demonstrating their dog’s ability to detect and respond with a passive response to the target odors. Students will also be able to identify their dog’s behavioral change when the dog is in the scent cone and working to source.


July 25
September 16


Global K9 Solutions


Opelika, AL