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Electronic Odor Detection Course

March 20 - April 28

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The Adlerhorst electric detection dog course has been designed to train canines to detect electronic devices that are prohibited by law or regulation within a specific area, as required to meet the mission, regional and operational deployment needs of each agency.  During the course the canines will be trained to use a systematic pressure search to discriminate undesired odors and passively alert to the source of desired odors.

The focus of detection training is also with the K9 Handler to assist them in becoming valuable and successful partners to their canines. Detection Handler development will provide the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain basic detection proficiency and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the K9 Team.

Upon completion of this course of instruction, the canine will be able to:

Demonstrate the ability to recognize trained odors and differentiate them from all others at different heights and depths in various scenarios.

Upon completion of this course of instruction, the Handler will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to assess the search environment and conduct an efficient & effective search as a K9 Team.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify activities, behaviors, and the final response of the canine when trained odors have been discovered.

Upon completion of this course of instruction, the K9 Team will be assessed to ensure:

  • The K9 Team is competent and able to conduct their actions safely, effectively and efficiently.
  • The student Handler has the knowledge and ability to maintain basic skills and continue to improve as the K9 Team develops.

Students who complete this course receive a certificate. The dogs receive an internationally recognized title and are prepared to test for additional certification to meet SWGDOG, CNCA or NPCA standards.


Initial Training will be conducted by a competent, qualified detector canine trainer using a structured curriculum with specific training and learning objectives. The Electronics Odor Detection Training Course will include training the canine to detect Demonstrate the ability to detect the odor of the following odors:


    1. Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Memory Cards, Hard Drives and other Digital Storage Devices, Circuit Boards and their components.
    2. Removable media such as DVD’s, CD-ROM’s, Blue-Rays and Floppy Discs and their components.


Training will include varying quantities and depth of hidden Electronics odors. It will include exposing the canine to a variety of different types of searches and locations, utilizing open areas, vehicles, buildings, parcels, luggage, etc. to conceal the target odor.


March 20
April 28


Adlerhorst International, LLC


Jurupa Valley, CA