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Patrol / Decoy K9 Training

Feb 13, 2023 - Feb 17, 2023

Visit https://www.lonestark9academy.com/training


A course on becoming more proficient and effective while deployed as a patrol K9 Team. Our training Staff will provide scenarios and a video debriefing of each scenario to show how to improve your searches. We will instruct each K9 Team on deploying your K9 safer during high-risk situations. Our goal is not to change the K9 Teams tactics but to improve on the tactics they have already been taught. Our staff will design specific scenarios for each and every K9 Team that is unique to their daily work environment. The Lone Star staff will push each K9 Team to be the very best they can be.


A course instructing the proper techniques of a K9 Decoy. Our training staff will teach the fundamentals of adequately decoying for a K9 during apprehension and scenario sessions. The decoy will be taught the proper techniques utilizing equipment such as an apprehension sleeve, apprehension suit, hidden apprehension sleeve, and being a decoy for a muzzled K9. The Lone Star K9 Academy staff will also train the decoy how to properly train the K9 while on apprehension equipment to improve its grip and confidence. Our training staff will instruct the decoy on how to protect oneself using different types of equipment and how to bring out other drives within the K9.


Feb 13, 2023
Feb 17, 2023


Lone Star K9 Academy


Houston, TX