Flynn, Mark

Major Flynn utilizes his 38 years’ experience in the K-9 field as a dynamic and entertaining instructor and he frequently teaches at the Police, Correctional and Canine academies in the Maryland and DC Metro area. He has also appeared on various TV Programs and news programs, such as Nat-Geo, (Big Bigger Biggest addition), Beyond Scared Straight (Hagerstown addition) and numerous other programs and podcasts.

Class: On the Road or Behind the Fence; Unique Concerns of Police K-9s and Corrections

This 2-hour training seminar will focus on police K-9s as they serve both on the road and in the correctional environments that they respond to as part of their beat. There will be an emphasis on CDS introduction and trafficking trends. These trends covered will include detecting and interdicting contraband on staff, visitors, volunteers and support personnel, cell phone detection canines, Alcohol and Electronic Detection Canines, the  prevalence of buprenorphine (brand name Suboxone, which is very widespread in the mid-Atlantic correctional systems), Synthetic Opioids and synthetic cannabinoids. We will discuss the value of passive alert dogs and PEOPLE scans for contraband detection.

The class will also cover the development of relationships and use of the rescue dog organizations and the use of unconventional (floppy-eared) breeds in detector work (English springier spaniels, Labs, etc.).

The class will have a dynamic and interactive powerpoint and an extensive Q&A.

DISCLAIMER: Some material shown as part of Mark Flynn’s presentation contains graphic scenes of prison and gang related violence and injuries. Participant discretion advised.