Franklin, Jeff

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in training canine teams, handlers and canines to detect explosives, narcotics, as well as apprehension, tracking, decoy and tactical obedience in real-world situations with eminent or emerging security threats. He has an extensive background with successful management and development of canine teams and programs globally including police, government, military and special ops programs. Jeff served as a Police Officer for 10 years (including SWAT & K-9) for Louisville Metro Police Department as well as serving in the United States Marine Corps (including Desert Storm). A true passion for all things canine, Jeff has trained thousands of canines since the age of 13. His extensive hands-on and real world experience has made him an expert in this field.

Class: Common Misconceptions in K-9 Training

This is an opportunity to ask your why, when and how. All too often, K-9 training is polarizing in the right versus wrong; the ‘do it this way’ and not that way. Jeff Franklin will discuss commonly thought ideas and training quandaries, undoing many of the misconceptions in the world of Working K-9s. Ulrika Franklin will guide the discussion and incorporate class participants’ input in this open forum course. Think of this course as getting outside of the box and looking at each side for a comprehensive view from one the leading experts in the field.