Gagye, Brian

Brian Gagye served in the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper.

After his time in the Marines, he worked for a sheriff’s department in Michigan until he was injured in the line of duty and later worked for a specialized security company.

Brian has been training dogs for over 20 years and specializes in dog psychology. He has taught his dog psychology and problem solving seminars for police officers and civilians nationwide.

Brian is currently finishing his degree in psychology to become a psychologist. He believes it is not just understanding dogs, it is also understanding how we perceive information. That information is translated into plans of action which could equal success or destruction for K-9 teams.

Brian is the CEO of Blue Warrior Tactics.

Class: The Decoy Connection

In this class you will learn the psychological aspects of decoying. We all know that the trainer in bite work is primarily the decoy. A good decoy can take a dog to the next level. Unfortunately, a bad decoy can take a dog backwards. In this class we will discuss things to look out for while decoying, problem solving, uncontrollable dogs, redirected aggression and more.