Garner, David

Cpl. David T. Garner, Baltimore County Police Department

Cpl. Garner has been a police officer in the Baltimore County Police Department for 28 years, assigned to the K-9 division for 14 of those years.  He has trained and handled patrol, narcotics, explosive/gun, search & rescue and SWAT/Tactical trained dogs.  Before joining the Tactical team in June of 2007, Cpl. Garner was the trainer for the department’s K-9 unit with 20+ dog teams. Since June of 2007 Cpl Garner has been assigned as a tactical operator to Baltimore County’s full time SWAT team with his K-9 partner “Raven”.

CLASS: “Officer Down” A K-9 Handlers Critical Incident Debrief

In late 2006 two cousins plagued the Baltimore area with brazen early morning robberies of large grocery stores.  Police always seemed to be one step behind.  As the robberies became more frequent, they also got more violent.  On a very foggy December 14th 2006 they hit again.  This time it was a store being staked out by under-cover detectives.  After a brief foot chase the armed suspects eluded the detectives and disappeared into the fog and cover of a residential neighborhood.  Cpl. Garner and his K-9 “Nikko” were called to track the suspects.  When the fog cleared, one suspect was in custody, one suspect was dead and Cpl. Garner was fighting for his life after being shot twice in a hail of gunfire.  This class is a discussion and PowerPoint presentation of the above events.  The incident is described using personal, aerial, crime scene and news agency photos along with personal recollection of the events.