Good, Kevin

Kevin has 17 years of experience working with detection canine teams, and since 2004 has been the Battelle lead on numerous canine-focused RDT&E programs. Through his work for various government, security, law enforcement, and military agencies, he has designed and directed hundreds of field assessments, hosted educational/training events, conducted strictly-controlled laboratory studies, and led product development efforts. As the Principal Investigator/Program Manager of these programs, he is knowledgeable in the principles and pitfalls of canine training and deployment, challenges faced by handlers and management, intelligent test matrix design, test procedures and execution, statistical analysis, and report/briefing development. Due to his contributions in the canine community, he has been a speaker at numerous canine, military, and law enforcement conferences.

Class: Practices, Data, and Concepts that Every Explosives Detection Canine Handler Should Know

This classroom instruction is geared towards sharing best practices, data, and lessons learned from Battelle’s 20+ years of research, development, testing and evaluation for the detection canine community. Topics to be covered include odor plume behavior, target material surface area and concealment discussions, odor generalization/recognition insight, guiding philosophies for rigorous canine performance assessments, and a brief review of recent attacks/events.