Greenfield K9 called to comfort Pittsburgh police officers

A team from the Greenfield Police Department was called to duty following the deadly shooting spree last month inside a Pittsburgh synagogue.

They’re back home now after providing the comfort first responders needed.

Following the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue that claimed the lives of eleven people, the Pittsburgh Police Department called Lt. Gordon and his comfort dog of the Greenfield Police Department.

“People don’t want to tell these stories to another person, and often they glance down at the dog and tell the story to the dog which makes it a lot more comforting for them,” said Lt. William Gordon .

Officer Clarence has been with the Greenfield Police Department for the last seven years. His service is respected and needed right after critical incidents.

“We are finding comfort dogs are a key part of the police force. They not only help first responders in times of trauma, they help the community during mental health emergencies, they help with the victimization process,” Lt. Gordon explained. Read More