Gustavsson, Tobias

Tobias Gustavsson is a full time trainer and instructor at SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) SWDI´s clients are professional dog teams and instructors at agencies and organizations all over the world. That includes police k9 units, special operation forces, government dog teams for large carnivore management, search and rescue dog teams, customs and prison service. In 2011, together with his colleagues, they published the book ”Tracking Dogs – Scents and Skills” The book has now been sold to dog handlers in more than 30 countries.

Tobias is specialized in tracking and scent detection and have an extensive experience in developing skills in dog teams on all levels. Tobias is also a biologist and run a research project on working dogs together with his colleagues at the Swedish University of agricultural sciences.

Class: Hard Surface Tracking Dogs

This class will focus on hard surface tracking as well as other topics that can affect the tracking training.

We start by talking about the knowledge on tracking dogs in literature and science. What methods are commonly used in tracking training and how have they changed through the years? What can a dog accomplish with its sense of smell and what are their limits?

In addition, we will look at the different parts of the tracking training, both theoretically and with the use of film clips. We will go deeper into the basic exercises for creating expectations and intense nose work on hard surface, surface transitions, turns and indication on articles. Training models and progression plans for the different parts are presented as well as solutions to the most commonly faced issues in tracking training. This class will give you the tools to train a reliable and motivated hard surface tracking dog.