Heidker, Jean

Dr. Jean Heidker has been working with dogs for close to fifty years and is still active in training. During that time she has trained dogs in all areas of life from well-behaved pet to hunting, herding and service dogs. Service dogs have included search and rescue, scent detection, man trailers and PTSD canines for service men and women. Nutrition to keep them at the top of their game has always been of high importance.

     Dr. Heidker has a PhD in Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology from Kansas State University which she has applied to developing products for companies for commercial production as well as specialized solutions for a single user or group. She has worked closely with veterinarians to provide not only new products for their needs but also to provide innovative ideas and feeding regimes to animals not responding to conventional treatments. The common answer is not always right and her goal has always been to provide practical field-tested products and answers based on science and practical knowledge and application. Products and solutions are field tested using her own animals or those that are in training to make sure they are suitable and practical for field use. Her company, P & S Nutrition, was created first to serve the needs of working K9s with products and advice when her son was in Iraq, but has become known also for serving all animals that have nutritional issues or handlers seeking a field solution.

     Jean is known for consulting with animals that are having digestive or other nutritional issues and working with their owners to find a solution to improve the animal’s health and create a happy team. This is done by listening to the owner and animal for issues and then providing advice and information on nutrition so a new diet can be designed and then evaluated to provide the very best solution for the animal in question. It also promotes a better understanding of the effect that the diet and other factors may have on the health, well-being and productivity of that client.

     Thinking outside the box is a way of life that finds unconventional solutions to problems that are often overlooked. Using the motto that “anything is possible” and “never give up” many new products and previously unsolved issues with all animal species have been resolved.

     Dr. Heidker offers free nutritional counseling to those K-9s in law enforcement.

Class: How Keeping Your K9 at the Right Weight And Using Certain Joint Supplements Can Prolong Useful Life

What is the useful life of your K9 partner? There are many things that go into this including breed, working conditions, how often and how hard he/she is worked, injuries on the job as well as age when your partner began actual field work. One item that is overlooked on a regular basis is proper body condition. This includes not only being overweight, but also being underweight. Both of these conditions can decrease useful working life.

Body condition can also affect the joints. Certain joint supplements given at the right stage in the dog’s life can have an effect on how long he/she will be able to perform. Not all joint supplements are created equal and while there are many on the market all making claims not all of them are effective. In this presentation I will present those that have real merit and when it is best to start including them in your K9’s diet for the best result.