Howcroft, Irene

Ruidoso Malinois

Irene Howcroft, Owner/Operator Ruidoso Malinois

Masters Degree in Psychology, Certified Master Trainer.

Ruidoso Malinois supplies K-9’s both domestically and internationally to Enforcement Agencies, Department of Defense and Security Companies. Many dogs from the Ruidoso Malinois breeding program are working as Single and Dual Purpose K-9 in a variety of agencies and both Domestically and Internationally. The Department of Defense, Mauritania, started their entire K9 program with foundation dogs from the Ruidoso Malinois breeding program. Ruidoso Malinois is considered one of the strongest Belgian Malinois breeding programs internationally. This vast exposure and experience of raising and training dogs from whelped to K-9 (not puppy to K-9) her insights have longevity and proven success.

Irene grew up with working dogs and received her first Dog Handler Certificate for children under 12. She was intensely involved with breeding, raising and training (detection/patrol) imported East German working Dobermans whilst in South Africa. Once in England and the United States she worked and trained German Shepherd Dogs. She now specializes in breeding and training Belgian Malinois preserving and enhancing the integrity of the working line Belgian Malinois. A unique education both as a psychologist studying human and animal behavior and as a K-9 trainer with decades of experience give her a depth of comprehension and practical application.


CLASS: K-9 Psychology – The Mind of your Dog, Implications for Training, Performance, Being an Effective K-9 Team *Live-Demonstration using dogs*

Dogs, like people, have an internal and external history and experience that shapes their abilities, trainability and performance. Understanding this relative to dogs in general and for your own unique dog, will enhance communication and result in a stronger bond, higher, more dependable and consistent performance. Problems in training and performance are mostly attributed to “stubbornness” or lack of appropriate repetition and “shaping”. The phrase “reading your dog” is bantered about with little real depth. This lecture will provide insight regarding the point of view of the dog, how to engage and communicate and together become a “Hunine” TM, a seamless human/canine team.

The lecture, with video and handouts is interactive and participatory facilitating your depth of comprehension of the mind of the dog, what you see in your dog and how this insight can facilitate problem solving and enhanced performance. We look at genetic lineage (if known), it’s importance , the dogs experience in critical phases of development, developmental fear phases, the factors that motivate dogs (NOT toy, food and bite rewards) how to comprehend the true origin of “problems” and how to resolve issues. Comprehending the line between organic physical issues and lifetime experiential impacts. The former cannot be altered, the latter is malleable and progressive.