July/August 2017 – Issue 63

  • 6 | SWAT K9 Contingencies: A Case Study of a SWAT Deployment Involving a K9 Attic Insertion and the Lessons Learned by Sergeant Peter Gallard, WCPD
  • 12 | K-9 Bite Work Man vs. Equipment Training: Not Just a Stuffed Shirt by George Daniolos, Director of Training for K-9 Defense
  • 18 | K-9 Advice & Opinion Vehicle Overheating: A K-9’s Worst Enemy by Robert A. Buerlein
  • 26 | K-9 Tracking K-9 Team Tracking: A Dangerous Situation by Terry Fleck
  • 36 | K-9 Scent Detection How to Get the Most Out of the K-9 Behavior Shaping Device (B.S.D.) Part 4 of 4 by Jason Ferren
  • 42 | K-9 Obedience Understanding Motivation by Leos Drbohlav
  • 54 | K-9 Legal Lowry v. San Diego – The Final Word by John Peters
  • 58 | K-9 Building Searches Basic Building Search for a Police K-9 by John Ivey
  • 64 | K-9 Advice & Opinion The Things My Parents Taught Me About Training Dogs by Don Sterling
  • 72 | K-9 Healthcare & Conditioning Protecting the Law Enforcement Canine from the Opioid Epidemic by Paul McNamara

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