2022 – Issue 89: SOLD OUT

6 | Bitework: Bitework Training and a Lack of Control: A Serious Topic

14 | Tracking: Basic Thoughts on Hard Surface Tracking

22 | E-Collar Training: Motivational Obedience with the E-Collar

32 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: Contact and Cover: Tactics Driven Deployments

40 | Featured K-9 Unit: Sunrise (FL) Police Department

50 | BiteworkIncorporating Verbal Aggression with Bitework

56 | Search and Rescue: BSAR 101 for Law Enforcement

62 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: Rolling with the Punches

67 | TrainingWho Are You Training to Catch?

74 | K9 Legal: Keeping the Shine on the Badge: Defending Against a Personal Attack on the Witness Stand

On the Cover:
Mike McDevitt & K-9 Talon,
Members of North Aurora Fire Protection District that are assigned to IL-TF1 Urban Search and Rescue

Photo Credit: Cal Engel

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