2023 – Issue 91: SOLD OUT

6 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: K-9 Training Records

12 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: You Train/They Train

18 | E-Collar Training: E-Collar and the Hard Canine: Outing and the Recall

30 | Search and Rescue: The Wandering Patient and Law Enforcement

34| Featured K-9 Unit: Baldwin County (AL) Sheriff’s Office

40 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: Does the KNPV Dog Still Meet the Demands of an Operational Working Dog?

50 | K-9 Advice & Opinion: Your Dog Will Either Show You or Tell You How to Train It

56| Scent Detection: A Synopsis of Explosive Detection Dogs’ Training Aids

66 | K-9 Nutrition: Natural Diet: Preventing Nasty Diseases

74 | K9 Healthcare & Conditioning: It’s a Shepherd Thing…

On the Cover:
US Marshal Criminal Investigator Frank Kruchten & Explosives Detection K-9 Jimmy

Photo Credit: Cindy Keating

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