Cline PhD, Jill

Jill Cline, Phd

Dr. Jill Cline has published papers and spoken around the world on topics ranging from kennel management to cognitive function in dogs. Her passion for working dogs stems from an interest in the interaction between humans and dogs and its influence on plane of nutrition and conditioning. Dr. Cline’s current role as Nutritional Insights Manager at Royal Canin US allows her to interact with key influentials in the working dog, veterinary and consumer sectors.


Nutrition and Health Issues that Drive Your Dog’s Performance

What are the underlying nutrition and health issues that can help or hurt your dog’s performance in the field as well as shorten it’s career?  What needs to be in a bag of food for top performance?  Protein, fats and carbs, facts and myths.  Working dog health issues and what the handler can do for them.

Includes a Q&A session with the DVM where you can get answers to your specific questions or issues regarding your canine.