Kerckhof, Joris

Joris Kerckhof has over 18 years of experience in military, private security and law enforcement in Belgium. He has 11 years with the Belgium Federal Police and is a former patrol dog handler in the Brussels Subway Unit working against gang crimes and crowd control situations. His current position is Inspector at the Federal Dog Support Unit and working as a silent narcotic dog handler. A silent narcotic dog searches people, stationary and in motion. These dogs react on the possession, the utilization and the contamination of narcotics by people. Inspector Kerckhof spends most of his time working at airports, in trains, doing visitor checks in prisons, dance festivals and raids in dance clubs. As a Belgian citizen he is very proud of their “Malinois” and the fact that thousands of them are working in America and around the world. His connection with the USA started when he participated at the World Police and Fire Games in New York in 2011 where he won the gold medal with his former patrol dog, Rheia, a female Malinois. He is the owner of BELFINK9 (Belgium’s Finest K9) a NOFP organization and specializes in the raising of 8 week old puppies until they are structured dogs ready to work.

Class: Obedience *Live-Demonstration using dogs*

Class Description: TBA