Kim, Ikhwan

Dr. Ikhwan Kim, Doctor of Engineering. Professor at Art and Design Department, KyunHee Univ. The Republic of Korea. Head designer & partner at TACCAVE.

CLASS: Remote Control System for Tactical K-9 Units

This class will introduce the advanced remote control system and its methodology based on animal behavior and tangible interaction. Controlling animals at a safe distance has been a fascinating and challenging topic throughout history. Numerous research has attempted, but most of them required amount of time and training to canines and failed to deliver solid reliability.With this system, handlers can manipulate their K9 units at a safe distance with minimum training and high reliability. This system has been developed on its final stage and has run field tests with the K9 tactical regiment in South Korea; however, it needs to wind up its final stage of the development with the consideration of its potentiality.Therefore, this class will demonstrate and represent the newly developed remote control system with its methodology and also will ask and collect any opinion and data from tactical units in the field.