Kimball, Shanon

Shanon resides in Anchorage Alaska. She started in search and rescue (SAR) in 2008 with the Anchorage Search Team. Her current K-9 partner is Abbie, a 5-year-old bloodhound. When she is not teaching Search and Rescue trailing here in the US or overseas in Germany, she operates, trains and evaluates the dogs of North Paw K9 Search and Recovery, which she founded as an urban trailing team, to be a resource for the State of Alaska in 2016. They are deployed by the Anchorage Police department, the FBI and other various law enforcement agencies to aid in lost person cases and locating evidence. She has taught and helped with evaluations/certifications as far away as Germany with the German Bloodhound Man-Trailing Association. Shanon is or has been affiliated with the following:  USAF Security Police – 4 years ODS; Vet Tech; Court Security – current 20 years; SAR since 2008, K-9 Handler since 2009 – bloodhounds; NASAR Evaluator/Instructor Trailing, HRD, Urban Search Management, MLPI; German Man-Trailing Association Trainer/Evaluator Trailing; Lost Person Behavior Instructor

Class: Scent Theory, K-9 deployment and support Flanker Duties

Topics to be covered in this class include:

  • Scent and what it is;
  • How the dogs utilize the scent;
  • Contamination and how to work with it;
  • Deployment for trailing K-9’s emphasis on an urban environment, from the SAR perspective and the best way to utilize each discipline;
  • Flanker duties;
  • Lessons learned