Nordin, Cory

Cory Nordin
National Industry Manager – Working Dog – Eukanuba/Royal Canin

Cory has spent the last 15 years working in the zoo industry managing large animal programs, teaching courses on animal training, and working with nutritionists on a daily basis to achieve peak health and body condition on the animals in his charge. Cory has an extensive background in the animal health, husbandry, training, and nutrition. He has worked with thousands of large and small animals around the world as a consultant to their animal management needs.

As the National Industry Manager for the Eukanuba/Royal Canin, Cory focuses on the Canine nutrition needs specific to the working dog performance athletes. He consults with individuals, law enforcement departments, government agencies, search and rescue teams and other organizations to provide optimum results from a nutritional aspect for their canine partners working in the field. Current duties also include field work with the Royal Canin/Eukanuba Pet Health Nutrition Center out of Ohio on new product development specific to working and other performance dogs.


Class: Performance Health and Nutrition

What are the underlying nutrition and health issues that can help or hurt your dog’s performance in the field as well as shorten it’s career? What needs to be in a bag of food for top performance? Protein, fats and carbs, facts and myths. Working dog health issues and what the handler can do for them. Maximize your K9’s ability to do their job now and in the future.

Includes one-on-one consultations as well as Q&A for your specific needs.