Pantley, David

David Pantley is an Instructor at Israel K9 USA.
He teaches training courses and special instruction for:
– Bite work agitation; muzzle, bite suit and hidden bite suit instructors training course,
– Special bite work training course, Hungary
– Patrol and bite work handlers course, Israel
– Detection training course, Hungary
– Tracking and trailing, Netherlands
– Explosives detection instructors training course, Israel
– Narcotics detection training course, Netherlands
– Obedience trainer’s course, Hungary
– Advanced obedience training course, Netherlands
– Tactical obedience trainer’s course, Israel
David has worked with and trained hundreds of dogs and has been a handler for
hundreds more. He has had the unique honor of being trained in all three of the
preeminent working dog systems active in the world today; Dutch, American and

CLASS: Differences in Muzzle Work and Bite Suit Work

The theme of this class will be muzzle work and working your dogs using a muzzle versus a bite suit and/or sleeve. Topics discussed will include building good muzzle work, independence, courage, determination, forgiveness, stress resistance, frustration, conditional behavior and more.