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All Police K-9 Magazine Sponsored Events will be held at the Elite K-9 Training Facility in Paducah, KY except for our Police K-9 Conference, which is held annually in Las Vegas, NV.  270-534-0500 • sales@policek9magazine.com ***New classes continually being added. Please check back for updates!***

[June 14-18, 2021]

COURSE: K-9 Tactics (E-Collar) Workshop
COST: $780 per K-9 team, $100 for observers – FIVE-DAY COURSE

Course Description
Classroom Instruction (Presentation) Perimeter and Command Post Operations / K9 Search Team Tactics

Instruction will include a power point presentation on Perimeter Containment / Command Post Operations, followed by K9 Search Team Tactics. High Risk Search Tactics (working with SWAT) – sometimes considered to be one in the same. The class will also cover developing techniques in the utilization of canines for high risk as well as advanced directed deployment incidents. Some of the new advanced military canine operations will be covered. The use of laser direction and control as well as the deployment of cameras in scouting operations will be discussed.

Note: We have found that successful K9 operations will increase exponentially if patrol personnel utilize our techniques taught during our Perimeter and Command Post Operations Class. This class is open to all officers and is well received. The subject matter presented during this presentation is directly pertinent to K9 Operations; however, taught principles can be utilized for any major tactical event that Command Staff, Supervisors and Patrol Officers may be presented during field operations. Please supply us with a number of attending students for classroom portion.

E-collar Work – Foundation Training / Direction and Control Work and Advanced Search Work (Classroom).

This class is formatted to working K9 teams – there should be a basic understanding of K9 handling of the attendees. This course offers an essential understanding of the E-collar, its use and development in the Police and Military K9 Communities. The classroom room portion of this presentation will provide a two-hour class on the principles of E-collar work. Understanding escape training and the importance of control over the working K9. Class will cover areas that are paramount to proper E-collar use (laying a proper foundation) as well as K9 maintenance. It will cover the beginning foundation work of E-collar Training as well as advanced training. Direction and control will be covered as well as how to use the E-collar in the real world (off-leash searching). Pros and cons will be covered as well as the E-collars development over the years. Search techniques and Department policy issues will be covered (find & bark vs. handler control – what is the industry standard). E-collar and real-world events will be discussed and given as examples.

Topics for discussion and learning are included in this class, such as off-leash searching with detection canines. Once again this will depend on your Departments direction and the audience. Tactical K9 has developed off-leash search techniques with detection K9’s utilizing the E-collar with outstanding results. The canine works both on and off-leash searching large open areas for narcotics, bombs and weapons, in much the same way an off-leash controlled patrol canine works.

(Four and a Half Days of Field Work Instruction)

Outside Field Based Instruction

E-collar Training (hands on)

This training will involve hands on E-collar work. This is extremely specific and personal training. Instructor to student ratio must be maintained (no more than 8 to 10 students to one instructor). Each team will be married with his canine and the E-collar. The proper use of the E-collar will be discussed and trained to the specific K9 team. The goal of the instruction is for the handler to use the E-collar by himself with the ability to problem solve with his partner. Depending on the experience of the handler and his familiarity of the E-collar will determine how much time is needed for success. It is suggested that a minimum of three days of instruction for proper canine imprinting to occur as well as the handlers understanding of the tool.

Please go over this outline and discuss with appropriate personnel and let us know what your specific needs are. Tactical K9 takes great pride in providing top notch instructors and training (all instructors are California POST certified. The hands-on portion of this training is not cookie cutter in nature but tailored to your Departments needs, policy and environment. As discussed, if additional student / handlers are attending we will resubmit expense statement to include additional instructors as needed. A comprehensive appraisal of our company can be reviewed thru our web site. Any questions please contact us as at your convenience. Outline will be sent upon request via email to interested teams.


· All basic PSD/MWD training and handling equipment (six foot leash, leather collar, and correction collar).
· Electric Training Collar – preferred brand Tri-Tronics G3 series.
· Prey Toy used by each specific K-9 team
· 30 foot (minimum) heavy nylon lead
· Handgun (assigned duty weapon and holster)
· Bite suit for dual purpose K-9 (apprehension and detection).
· Hand protection during bite suit work
· Four blinds (minimum) or substitute for apprehension K-9 for direction and control work
· Training aids for bomb detection training (direction and control work)

Tactical K9 LLC

Contact: Doug Roller / Tactical K9 LLC
Cell: 661.857.2408
Email: offleashtrainer@aol.com

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[June 26-27, 2021]

COURSE: K9 Handler Explosive Awareness & Safety
COST: $295 per person – TWO-DAY COURSE




Course Description
Purpose of the Course
K9 Handlers will learn basic explosive terminology and characteristics hazards and safety precautions.

Specific Objectives

  • Components of Explosives and identification of homemade explosives and devices
  • Identify hazards (unattended abandoned and suspicious)
  • Post Blast with K9
  • Imprint confirmation of constituent odors

Method of Instruction
This class will be begin in a classroom setting and then will be conducted in the field with real explosives.

Schedule of Topics

  •  Basic Explosives
    – terminology, Components of a device, and how explosives work.
    – Classroom
  • Safety, Storage and Handling
    – The dos and don’ts for safety and storage
    – Classroom
  • Transnational Threats and Threats in the US
    – Current threats overseas and in the US
    – Classroom
  • Explosive Chemistry
    – Breakdown of components in commercial and military grade explosives and how it effects what your K9 is identifying.
    – Classroom
  • Imprint confirmation
    – Can your K9 identify constituent odors?
    – Field Exercise
  • Homemade Explosives VS Commercial and Military
    – Make and detonate homemade and commercial/military grade explosives to compare the effects.
    – Field Exercise
  • Post Blast
    – How to handle a post blast scenario with your K9 focus on acclimation of dog to post blast site and searching for secondary’s.
    – Field Exercise
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[September 21-23, 2021]

COURSE: High Risk K-9 Patrol Operations and K-9 SWAT Deployment – S.K.I.D.D.S./CATS
COST: $595 per officer – THREE-DAY COURSE

Course Description
For those that have a misconception as to how beneficial K-9s can be in a high-risk patrol operation or to a SWAT team this class is for you. We encourage all patrol officers, military, SWAT and supervisors to attend this class. You will learn how to utilize your dog to find the suspect quicker, yet safer, while maintaining your tactical advantage and officer safety.

We will discuss what to look for during your selection of a tactical patrol dog or SWAT dog as well as the handler. Learn how a properly trained patrol dog and the handler can be utilized during a high-risk patrol deployment or SWAT operation when it comes to tracking, barricaded suspects, approaches, entries, blind corners, room clearing, hallways, stairs, attics, crawl spaces, vehicle assaults, arrest techniques and even in a gas environment.

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