Kesler DVM, Rick

Dr. Rick Kesler, DVM is now a Senior Service Veterinarian with Royal Canin in the corporate affairs office. His duties meld well with Royal Canin’s philosophy of sharing knowledge to all breeders and working dog handlers. He graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 1985. Since then he has practiced with a special interest of working with breeders of cats and dogs and active with working and service dogs across all the country. He has lectured throughout the United States and also internationally, writing for journals dedicated to pets and being a consultant to breeders and handlers of working and service dogs worldwide. He also has served as consultant to two large veterinary distributorships in the United States. Dr. Kesler has worked diligently to reduce the incidence of canine Brucellosis throughout the world. He is a co-author of Best Practices for Breeders regarding Brucellosis published this year by the USDA. He lives with his wife Julie in Kansas and spends his precious free time cooking new dishes with Julie, bicycling and reading Civil War books.


Class: Fueling Performance: Proper Nutrition to Enhance Your K9’s Working Ability

What are the underlying nutrition and health issues that can help or hurt your dog’s performance in the field as well as shorten it’s career?  What needs to be in a bag of food for top performance?  Protein, fats and carbs, facts and myths.  Working dog health issues and what the handler can do for them.

Includes a Q&A session with the DVM where you can get answers to your specific questions or issues regarding your canine.