Spicer, Rodney

Rodney Spicer is the President and training director of Gold Coast K9. He is recognized nationwide for providing challenging reality based training scenarios and utilizing contemporary canine training techniques to develop the best performing canine for the intended use and environment. Rodney began training working sport and canine Home Protectors in 1985 and soon after began training police and military service dogs in patrol and detection.

Rodney maintains his expertise and relevance by staying directly involved in the selection and training of police service dogs in both patrol and detection. Rodney enjoys a unique position of being a certified working dog judge in four different organizations, a certified agitator in five different working dog organizations, and a California K9 POST Evaluator. He also personally conducts over 300 detection sniffs per year and is hands on with selection and bio-metric testing of all Gold Coast K9 dogs.

Website: goldcoastk9.com

Class: Introduction to Bio-metrics for the modern Police Service Dog

The purpose of the course is to introduce bio metrics into your dual purpose police service dog selection and training process by measuring abilities to increase performances and develop a standard with expectations of what is acceptable and what is not, Topics to be discussed will be:

  • Bio-metrics
  • Patrol dog selection
  • Detection dog selection
  • Transition training from basic equipment to real world pictures
  • Focus on suspect
  • Leg bites
  • Muzzle
  • Stress inoculation
  • Real world detection

This class is recommended for all handlers, trainer and supervisors.