Rodriguez, Luis

Luis Rodriguez was welcomed to the Vohne Liche Kennels family in January 2007. Luis has nine years of experience as Head Trainer of the K-9 Unit with the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections. He is a Graduate of the VLK Trainer’s Course and is now a Senior Instructor for multiple law enforcement and military working dog courses. Luis is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and is the primary instructor for VLK’s Spanish-speaking clients to include Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Class: Obedience to Odor

This class will take handlers deeper into why detection dogs do what they do. Luis will delve into what drives are and how they are utilized. The term ‘obedient to odor’ refers to the dog understanding that odor drives the reward, not the handler. This fast pace class will cover everything from odor imprintation, to reward, to search patterns and the whys behind each of these components of detection dog training. Not only is this class highly entertaining but, most of all, it is also highly informative.