Ryan has over 17 years experience with Explosive Ordnance Disposal, with many tours to various theaters of operation. His experiences range from conventional military ordnance to the most advanced Improvised Explosive Devices on land and under sea. During his time he has encountered, rendered safe and disposed of hundreds of Improvised Explosive Devices in many various permissive and non-permissive situations. Ryan also has vast experience in instructing and mentoring personnel in the various realms of Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

Class: IED Recognition & Situational Threat Assessment

  • Brief history of IED’s
  • IED construction
  • Concept to IED construction & emplacement
  • How to limit hazards associated with IED’s
  • What is a Threat Assessment?

This class will cover IED components, neutralize the triggering devices, and mitigate the effects of an IED. Prevent, avoid, or stop an imminent, threatened, or actual act of terrorism. Protect our citizens, residents, visitors, and assets against the greatest threats and hazards in a manner that allows our interests, aspirations, and way of life to thrive. Reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of future disasters. Respond quickly to save lives; protect property and the environment; and meet basic human needs in the aftermath of a catastrophic incident.