Schwartz, Amir

Amir Schwartz is the owner and founder of the Israeli K9 Training Center, a dog and dog handlers training center as well as a developer of K9 units’ specialty product.

Amir retired at the rank of Lieutenant from an IDF Navy special ops unit on 1991 at which time he was trained and certified as a dog trainer by the Israeli K9 Association.

He has since got law and business management degrees, Fireworks Expert license from the Ministry of Employment Authority, Explosive engineer certification by the Ministry of Employment Authority, Shooting Inspector and Instructor certification by the Ministry of Interior Authority and a member of the Israeli law bar association.

In 1991 Amir was trained and certified in the USA as law enforcement and explosive detection dog trainer. And has since than trained and provided to various defense and law enforcement authorities in Israel and all over the world.

Amir is specializing in law enforcement dogs covering the areas from the individual dog training to the complete unit organization.

Some of his projects were:

  1. Organizing and C.O of the Israeli customs K9 unit.
  2. Head of Canine Unit in a special Branch of Government.
  3. Government Contracts for the K9 unit at border crossing between Israel and the PA.
  4. Building and training K9 Units for government and security forces ( classified locations).
  5. Consultant for USA NGO explosive detection dog training.
  6. Training and consulting Israel Train End Rail Road authority K9 explosive detection.
  7. Training California’s H.L.S. k9 teams for explosive detection training for “p.f.p.”
  8. Working with special forces all over the world.
  9. Supplier for the Israeli police and other units – dogs and K-9 training.

Class: Muzzle Work & Full Body Bite

The theme of this class will be muzzle work and working your dogs using a muzzle versus a bite suit and/or sleeve. Topics discussed will include building good muzzle work, independence, courage, determination, forgiveness, stress resistance, frustration, conditional behavior and more.

Class: Use of Explosive Simulants & Pseudo Aids

We will be discussing explosive simulants versus pseudos: Is it real? Is it a pseudo? Is it a simulant? Why should we care? Topics covered will include the effective training of a sniffer dog, problems when training only with real materials and the categories of odor mimics and real target substances.