Schwartz, Amir

Amir Schwartz, a K-9 specialist as well as a developer of K-9 specialty products, is owner of Israeli K-9 and one of the top K-9 experts in Israel. Amir has a vast amount of knowledge and hands-on experience and has provided his expertise while training K-9 teams and dogs around the world. He is a retired officer from a special naval unit in the Israel Defense Forces, has a business management degree, is licensed as an attorney from the Israeli Bar Association, an Explosive Engineer, a Fireworks Expert (license in Israel) and a Shooting Inspector and Instructor (certified by the Ministry of Interior defense).

Amir has trained and handled dogs since 1986. In 1996, he was trained and certified in the United States as a law enforcement and explosive detection dog trainer. Since then, he has trained various defense and law enforcement authorities in Israel and all over the world. Amir has served as the Chief of the K-9 Unit for the Israeli Customs and Drug Detection Unit and assisted in achieving the unit’s greatest success in detecting shipments of illegal drugs and various other smuggled products. His K-9 deployment program has reached Israeli Customs, the Israeli Train Authority, the Israeli Prison Authority, Israeli Air Force K-9 Unit, Gaza Border Pass Security Unit, Jericho Border Security Pass as well as the medical marijuana supervision authority and countries including USA (HLS of California), Hungary, Turkey (K-9 for the oil & gas industry protection), India (K-9 detection for hotels and the police after the Mumbai terror attack), Guatemala (K-9 dogs for drugs detection), Bosnia and Sarajevo (K-9 dogs for field mine detection), Sweden (K-9 dogs for customs detection), Singapore (K-9 dogs for the airport security services), Philippines, Sri Lanka and many more.

Israeli K-9 was founded in 1989 and offers a unique experience in counter terror working dogs and dogs for law enforcement. The Israeli K-9 Training Center, in cooperation with a leading Israeli college, operates a dog trainer/handler school where dozens of dog trainers have been trained and certified in the last decade. Amir specializes in law enforcement dogs covering areas ranging from individual dog training to the complete unit organization.

Some of his projects in prior years include:

  1. Organizing and C.O. of the Israeli Customs K-9 Unit.
  2. Government Contract for the K-9 Unit at border crossing between Israel and Palestine.
  3. Building and training K-9 Units for government and security bodies in classified locations.
  4. Consultant for USA NGO explosive detection dog training.
  5. Training and consulting for the Israel Train and Railroad Authority’s K-9 explosive detection.
  6. Training California’s HLS. K-9 teams for explosive detection training for PFP.
  7. In 2002, Amir established the “Pro K-9 Gear” line with “” for producing specialty K-9 equipment for Israeli Special K-9 units and special forces as well as special K-9 units from around the world.

CLASS: Differences in Muzzle Work and Bite Suit Work

The theme of this class will be muzzle work and working your dogs using a muzzle versus a bite suit and/or sleeve. Topics discussed will include building good muzzle work, independence, courage, determination, forgiveness, stress resistance, frustration, conditional behavior and more.