Sep/Oct 2020 – Issue 81

6 | Bitework Improving Your Bitework Related Control

14 | K-9 Legal The Greater Danger

22 | K-9 Advice & Opinion Buy American: Changing the Course of Procuring Working Dogs

30 | Scent Detection The Benefits of Double-Blind Training and Testing

40 | Featured K-9 Unit Wyoming (MI) Department of Public Safety K-9 Unit

52 | K-9 Advice & Opinion Your Dog May be Lying to You

62 | K-9 Advice & Opinion Scent Article Collection for SAR Handlers

68 | K-9 Healthcare & Conditioning Kennel Cough

74 | K-9 Nutrition Nutrition Exposed: Is Your Food Adequate?


On the Cover:

Harrisburg (PA) Police Department

Sgt. Tyron Meik & K-9 Zar

Photo Credit: Erik Larson,
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