Smith, Chad

Chad Smith is K2 Solutions’ Director of Explosives & Hazardous Materials. Chad manages all aspects of K2’s Explosives Directorate; acts as a Homemade Explosives (HME) and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, Subject Matter Expert and Explosive/Hazmat Section Manager. Chad is a NAVSCOLEOD Certified graduate with Master EOD Badge who has more than 20 years of EOD, IED and explosive experience.

During Chad’s career, he has trained numerous state and federal law enforcement, US Military and foreign partners on IED awareness and recognition, tactical training and explosive safety and handling and has taught multiple classes on live fire exercise, tracking lanes, tactical medical procedures and booby trap scenarios for North Carolina’s Tactical Winter Tracking Course. Chad has been in charge of multiple EOD teams during Secret Service and State Department VIP protection details. As a Special Operations Team Member, Special Activities, Reconnaissance & Assault Operator, Chad has developed, planned and executed operations in sensitive worldwide environments/locations unilaterally or as part of a joint/combined force. He has facilitated planning, coordination and execution of unilateral, joint and foreign combined forces training missions and deployment rotations.

Chad is also a Master Breacher and previously worked as a liaison providing technical knowledge for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, sharing breaching knowledge for research/development projects and tactics, techniques and procedures.

Class: Bridging the Gap: Bringing the K-9 Handler and the Explosive Technician Closer

This course is designed to strengthen the canine handler’s explosive knowledge through reality-based training techniques. It will provide insight and explosive odor knowledge to help determine the right odors for training your canine. Lastly, this course will maximize the handler’s understanding of the explosive odors that they could encounter during various real-world searches.