Smith, Joe

Joe Smith has been in law enforcement since 2005, working in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  During the last eleven of those years, Joe has been a dual purpose handler for his department, responsible for training the K9’s for his department, and assigned to the SWAT team with numerous deployments under his belt.  Joe is also the owner of Von Klein Stein Working Dogs (VKSWD) in central Arkansas.

CLASS: Police K-9: Taking Our Industry Back

Joe will invite, yet steer an open forum discussion on the use of the police K9 as related his training and experience.  Topics he will cover in class will include, but not limited to:  Theory versus real word experience and deployments, the importance of growing the K-9 in his work environment versus training locations, bite equipment, who do we rely on as industry experts, do we or should we refer to industry experts for problem solving, and the importance of in-house an reliability test.

CLASS: NCATS: National Canine Audit Tracking System

Today’s certification process can be unrealistic and taxing on the dog, handler and the agency. The process needs to evolve to strengthen your protection against liability. NCATS, National Canine Audit Tracking System, is the latest in alternative certifications and provides the greatest protection for K-9 teams. This informative class will show you how to reduce your liability and allow the K-9 team to concentrate on their daily deployments, not getting ready for a non-realistic group certification day.

CLASS: K-9 Industry Experts Q & A

Having an open discussion with one the top K-9 industry experts is a rarity. To have five is unprecedented. Join us as Brett Titus mediates a panel of five experts as they answer questions from the audience. Bring your questions from patrol/narcotics deployments, training, leadership, certifications or anything you want to know. All questions will be open for debate from the panel as well as the attendees. Time restrictions will be in place as to ensure multiple discussions. This class will be educational and entertaining.