Summerville PD K-9, handler to be featured on Live PD


A Lowcountry police department will be highlighted on the popular TV show Live PD.

The Summerville Police Department’s K-9 unit will be featured during commercial breaks of the hit show which features live cameras following police officers as they go on calls.

Summerville Police Officer Tara Burke watches every episode.

“Every week, religiously,” Burke said.

A producer recently reached out to the police department to recruit Burke and her K-9 partner “Apart” to be profiled during Live PD but not live on patrol.

“She had reached out to me and said listen,’We’re doing these segments that are gonna air during commercials on Live PD,'” Summerville Police Chief Jon Rogers said.”They basically want to put a story to the police badge and look at it on a happy light.”

Burke jumped at the chance.

“There’s so much negativity with police work in general,” Burke said.”They want to make sure that although the show is very high speed, low drag, lots of intensity, there is a different side of it.”

For the police department, it’s a chance to be in the national spotlight.

”It’s a good way to get Summerville out there and our organization out there and our officers,” Rogers said.”It’s always good to highlight our officers because they don’t really get a lot of recognition every day for the great things they do.”

Burke says the producers also showcased her life away from the police department.

“There’s a softer side where we do have lives and families and things outside the police department,” Burke said.

Burke says she has no interest in taking her appearance to the next level, having the Live PD cameras rolling while she’s on patrol.

“If anybody wants to review the video which they do monthly that’s one thing, but having somebody follow me, I think will make me very nervous,” Burke said.

Live PD airs on Friday at 9 p.m. on A&E.

See video here.

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