May/June 2014 Vol. 10, Issue 3

May/June 2014
  • Long Range/Sub Surface Detection: Life and Death…Measured in Inches – By Antonio Rodriguez and Derek Copeland
  • A Life Saving Mechanism…The K-9 Bail Out Door – By Scott Clark
  • Meet the Breed: Bloodhound
  • National Police Bloodhound Association: Over 50 Years of Nose to the Ground – By Mike Herrick
  • K-9 Learning and Clear Communication: The Science of Communication – Part 1 of 3 – By Cameron Ford
  • K-9 Healthwatch: Hyperthermia – By Alexis Newman
  • Scent Detection: Using the K-9 Behavior Shaping Device – Part 1: Effectively Implementing the K-9 BSD into a Training Regime – By Dan Reiter
  • Tactical Debriefing: K-9 Quanto – By Brad Smith

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