Sept-Dec 2014 Vol. 10, Issue 5

  • Specialized Units Come Together: Merging SWAT and K-9 for Wooded Terrain Operations – By Chris Wagner
  • Legal: What Your Records Tell Me: Presentation of Records Can Reflect on Job Credibility and Performance – By John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • Meet the Breed: The Labrador Retriever
  • Realistic Aggression Training: Set a Basic Foundation to Serve the Dog by Keeping Clear and Simplistic Phases – By Sergeant Jerry Molet
  • Healthwatch: Holiday Hazards in the Home and Field – By Rachel Stawski, DVM, KaLee Pasek, DVM, and Jo-Anne Brenner
  • Building Searches: Part 2 Room Entries and Clearing Areas Safely – By Mark Mathis
  • K-9 Learning & Clear Communication: Using the Marker in Obedience & Patrol Work – By Cameron Ford
  • Scent Detection: Imprinting Dogs in Hunt Drive – By Dan Reiter
  • Tracking Through Distractions: Dogs Following Distractions are not an Option During a High Risk Fugitive Manhunt – By Jeff Schettler
  • Handler Healthcare: Beginning a Workout Routine – By Dr. Eric Serrano
  • Police K-9 of the Month: Corporal Clay Huffman, Corporal Dennis Garcia with his K-9 Toro and Sergeant Russell Shafer – James Lout Photography

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