Jan/Feb 2015 Vol. 11, Issue 1

PK9 v11i1
  • Tactical Canine Deployment: Preparing Your Team for Successful Outcomes – By Scott Allen
  • Legal: Is Your Roadside Search Legal? The Fourth Amendment and Search & Seizure– By John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • Meet the Breed: The English Springer Spaniel
  • Mentally Conditioning Your K-9: Proper Training Increases Your K-9’s Chance for Success – By James Allen Parker
  • Healthwatch: K-9 First Aid – What’s in Your Medical Kit? – By Dr. Alexis Newman
  • Building Searches: Part 3 Locating the Suspect and Secondary Searches – By Mark Mathis
  • Training for Attic Deployments: Exact High Risk Tactical Situation Training is Crucial for all K-9s – By Brad Smith
  • Transitional Bitework: Taking Bitework from the Training Field to the Street – By Scott Clark
  • Imprinting Puppies: The Future of K-9 Training? – By Jeff Schettler
  • K-9 Nutrition: Royal Canin Delivers Precise Nutritional Solutions
  • Handler Healthcare: Beginning a Workout Routine Part 2 – By Eric Serrano, MD
  • Handler Healthcare: The 14-Day Meal Plan: How to Effectively Give Up Old Eating Habits – By Mark Sherwood
  • Police K-9 of the Month: Officer Shawn Craven and K-9 Huub / Paducah, KY PD

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