May/Aug 2015 Vol. 11, Issue 3

  • K-9 SWAT Programs: The Reasons Why Agencies Should Develop Programs  – By Romeo Ingreso and Ernest Wolosewicz
  • Legal: What is Your Certification Worth? – By John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • Meet the Breed: The Doberman Pinscher
  • Protecting Our Children: A Sensible Approach to School Security – By Mike Ritland, Reprinted from
  • The ABCs of Scent Detection: Canines Give Schools Reasonable Suspicion Needed to Conduct Administrative Searches – By Mark Mathis
  • School Searches: A Study Measuring Cost Effectiveness of K-9 Units – By Luis Smith
  • Healthwatch: Canine Influenza Virus: The Canine Flu…What’s it All About? – By Dr. Alexis Newman
  • Imprinting Puppies: The Future of K-9 Training? Part 2 – By Jeff Schettler
  • Reality of Guard-and-Bark: Part 1: Take a Closer Look Before Switching Your Method of Training or Deployment – By Bill Lewis
  • K-9 Commands: K-9 Commands Translated in Several Languages
  • Handler Healthcare: Understanding How the Things You Eat Impact Your Overall Health – By Mark Sherwood
  • Police K-9 of the Month: K-9 Officer Chris Bruce and K-9 Bongo / San Ramon, CA PD / Photo by Abe Medina

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