Sept/Oct 2015 Vol. 11, Issue 4

  • Real World Deployments: Tactically Preparing the K-9 Team for Suspect Engagement – By Scott Clark
  • Legal: Explosive Ordinance Detection: EOD Canines Under the 4th Amendment – By John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • The Game Changer: Training Leg Engagements for Realistic Applications – By Scott Clark
  • Meet the Breed: The Rottweiler
  • Healthwatch: Retiring Your Working Dog: When is it Medically Time to Retire My Partner? – By Dr. Alexis Newman
  • Chasing Ghost Trails: K-9 Closes on a Subject Only to Get Lost at End – By Jeff Schettler
  • E-Collar and the Hard Canine: Outing and the RecallBy Doug Roller 
  • Reality of Guard-and-Bark: Part 2: Will the K-9 Still Respond to the Bite Command? – By Bill Lewis
  • K-9 Healthcare: Essentials for Canine Athletes: Is Your Dog in Need of a Conditioning Program? – By Dr. Rick Kesler and Dr. Jill Cline
  • Handler Healthcare: 5 Tips to Become a Healthier, More Energetic You – By Mark Sherwood
  • K-9 Medical: It Happened Here… Caring for K-9s During Chicago Manhunt – By Dr. Alexis Newman
  • Police K-9 of the Month: PSO Stacy J. Huffman and K-9 Shrek / Morganton, NC Dept of Public Safety

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