Fall 2005 Vol. 1, Issue 3

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: My single-purpose bomb dog has the habit of hitting the find and then continuing the search for another 3-6 feet before she sits. / How can I get my narcotics dog to indicate better? / Any ideas about how to get my dog to be consistent?
  • In My Opinion: Single or Dual Purpose: Which is Best for your Department? Budget constraints, canine ability, and current trends based on past experiences are all factors to consider in setting up a K-9 Unit. – By Tracy Bowling
  • Drug Interdiction the Right Way The successful prosecution of narcotics traffickers begins with proper interdiction methods – By Ted Daus
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The City of Philadelphia K-9 Unit – By Jeff Meyer
  • Case Study: Deadly Force Redefined Should the new definition of deadly force affect your use of canines? – By Brad Smith
  • Healthwatch: Emergency Treatment for Poisoning – By Paul S. McNamara, DVM, DACS
  • Power On: Introducing and Using the Electric Collar – By Rodney Spicer
  • Canine Legal Update: Federal Court Rulings on PSD Sniffs – By Terry Fleck

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